Queensland Cruise – Day 2 – At Sea


I awoke this morning after a great nights sleep (unusual for me in a strange bed) just after 6am. Chatted with Kevin and we watched a little TV before I woke up enough to get dressed and go to the gym. I got there just after 7am and the cardio equipment was pretty busy – I did manage to grab an elliptical so used that for 10mins before doing some weights.
Back in our room I had a shower and got dressed and we headed out to breakfast at Windjammers.


Another stroll – this time on the top deck – rather windy outside today and we head back to our room. I sat our verandah and enjoyed a cup of tea while reading a mag and enjoying the view.


At 10am we headed out again to go watch the apple strudel demonstration – sounds strange I know but I love watching the chefs at work.

We ended up buying the cookbook mainly because the first 20 people to purchase get a free tour of the galley. Should be fun! We also got to sample the strudel which was just delicious. Kevin & I shared a piece so we’d have room for some morning tea. We’ve decided our strategy will be share foods so we get to try more of it.

Back to Windjammers for a tea and a shared donut. Haven’t had a donut in years but this was yummy and not at all greasy. We had a wander through the shops seeing what souvenirs we might want to buy. I have my eye on a gorgeous jumper – light but deliciously soft – should be great for the UK trip next year. We also stopped by the tour desk to pick up a brochure on Alaskan cruises!

Time to hang out on our balcony again for a bit before heading to the Solarium (indoor pool) for a spa. Very nice and relaxing. We lazed for a bit watching the waves pass by and then had some lunch.


About 2 we headed back to the room again where I worked on this post and Kevin had a nap. At 3pm we headed to the movies to see Julie & Julia. We both enjoyed the movie.
Then it was time to get ready for formal night.


We got dolled up and had some photos taken – a first for us. We then sat and listened to some live music until it was time for dinner.


We were seated a table for 6 and were joined by another 2 people – a man and his 96 yr. old mother. My first thought was oh, my gosh, why have they seated us with old people but the guy was nice so it wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately his mother couldn’t hear us very well so we couldn’t really include her in the conversion. As always our waiters were wonderful. I had a yummy potato curry and then strawberry cheesecake for desert.

IMG_2844 After dinner we went back to our room to read for a bit before going to the 9pm show. It was dancing and singing tonight and very enjoyable.


Time for bed, it’s been a great day. Tonights towel animal…..