Queensland Cruise – Day 3 – At Sea


I awoke nice and early this morning and as the clocks went back an hour last night it was only 5am. Since Kevin was still sleeping I went out on deck to read some magazines. He woke about 6.30am and we watched a show on sharks before heading to breakfast. Today I discovered some ham in my vegetable omelette!!! Tomorrow I’ll be getting a custom made one :-).IMG_2859

Back to the room again – I laid in the sun for an hour or so finishing my book. I’m not really into sunbaking as such but don’t mind lying in the sun to relax from time to time as long it’s early or late in the day and I’ve got plenty of suncream on. Kevin was having a sleep so around 10am I went up on deck to get some fruit and a cup of tea and laid in the shade doing a spot of people watching. We’re amongst the youngest adults on board with the average age being 60-80 I’d guess. So I don’t need to feel too bad about my body in a swimsuit :-).

Around 11am I headed back to wake up Kevin and get ready for our Cruise Critic meet and mingle. We’d never been to one before and while not much mingling went on I did win the door prize. Kevin drew out my name and I one a back pack with sun visor, and umbrella. We also met another couple who we invited to join us in Cairns when we are hiring a car.

We finished up around 12.30pm (not having met anyone else) and stopped to look at our photos from last night (we bought 2 of them) before having lunch at Windjammers. Then, you guessed it, back to our cabin. I typed up some more notes and Kevin played games onĀ  his computer before we got changed into our cosies for a swim in the solarium.

The water temp was lovely in the pool today and after a swim we enjoyed a spa, then munched on some cookies while reading for a bit. We lazed the afternoon away we me reading and Kevin having a sleep.


Just before 6pm we got dressed and headed for dinner. I didn’t have a lot of success with my dinner tonight but that we more my tastebuds I think. We went to listen to some live music and Kevin enjoyed a cocktail….


before going to see Bijorn Again (a famous Australian Abba tribute band who we have always wanted to see). They were fabulous but Bijorn just reminded me of Shaggy from Scooby Doo :-). Was a great show and I’d definitely go see them again.



It was after 10pm (but really 11pm because the clocks went back an hour) so we were feeling rather tired by the time we got to bed.

Tonights towel animal…