Queensland Cruise – Day 6 – Port Douglas

Firstly, last nights towel animal….


This morning we were up just before 6am. We sat outside enjoying a cup of tea. It looked gloomy but we hoped it would clear like yesterday.


Just after 7am we headed up to breakfast and then went to wait for our tour. We got off on the first tender and onto our mini bus for out Daintree Rainforest Tour.

First stop  was the Rainforest Habitat.


Kevin and I weren’t particularly excited about seeing this but we really enjoyed our visit. Lots of animals and birds to see.

Wildlife at Rainforst Habitat, Port Douglas

We loved this little wallaby that Kevin hand fed (look how it put it’s paw on Kevin’s hand)



From here we drove to Mossman Gorge.


Gorgeous place and not suprisingly it was raining in the rain forest. Luckily we didn’t get too wet. The river was really running because they have had quite a bit of rain.



Then it was on to Cape Tribulation, after we crossed over on the ferry.


The drive was stunning, but very windy and Kevin felt a bit car sick. Loved this sign that someone had altered.


We had a yummy lunch at one of the resort at Cape Tribulation.



We then walked down to the beach. Talk about a stunning location.

Libby at Cape Tribulation


We then drove back to the Daintree River where we had some afternoon tea (love Daintree River tea), then went for a cruise.


We were lucky enough to see a small (2 year old) croc and other wildlife.




Then it was time to head back to the ship (after a quick stop because 2 people on our bus wanted to buy some tropical fruit).  On the way we were lucky enough to see a cassowary in the wild.


We caught the tender boat back out and were back on board at 5.30pm – just in time to get ready for dinner.

Dinner tonight was magnificant. I had a calzone followed by key lime pie.



Kevin & I had fun taking photos in the mirror above our table.


We then showed our dinner campanions our cabin and I typed up this post. Later we’re going to tonight show – which is supposed to be fantastic.

Tonights towel animal….


3 thoughts on “Queensland Cruise – Day 6 – Port Douglas

  1. I didn’t realise you were coming this far north! I could have come down to Cairns and waved at you! 🙂 I’m just up the hill, where it’s not so HOT! xx

  2. Kelley – it does look like yoda doesn’t it? But I think it’s supposed to be a bunny. Some night it’s easy to tell what it is, other nights we need our thinking caps :-).

    Bel – We’ll definitely be back in the area and we will DEFINITELY meet up next time.


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