Queensland Cruise – Day 7 – At Sea


Woke up this morning just after 6am. Had a lazy start reading and drinking tea. Eventually headed to breakfast around 8.30am. Today I had a custom made vegetable omelette which was delicious. We got a table at the front of the ship and enjoyed watching a couple of gannets riding the currents in front of the boat. We then went and lay in the Solarium for a bit, had a spa, drank a virgin pina colada.



About 11am we went back to our room for more reading and relaxing. I headed up on deck when we went past Willis Island – which wasn’t quite what I was expecting – a very small research island out in the middle of no-where.



Back in our room  I laid out in the sun for a bit (naughty I know but it was so relaxing). I got stuck into reading my book and then just watched clouds for about half an hour. Kevin had a nap. It had been a hard morning after all :-).

At 2pm I suggested we get some lunch. We both had some salad today. Then we had to race off to the Cocktail demonstration. This was lots of fun – though I was chosen to help. I refused though – I wouldn’t have minded helping to make the cocktail but there was no way I was going to dance and shake the cocktail in front of everyone – I’m definitely not that uninhibited. Kevin got to sample 4 cocktails (it cost him $11). He only really liked the last one – a BBC.



Back to our room for some more reading, then a shower and getting ready for dinner. Had a photo taken with Neville and his Mum, Estelle – who at 96 is probably the oldest person on board and rather remarkable for her age.


Another lovely meal.


Back to our room – at least we get lots of exercise with our room being at the back of the ship! We played name that tune for a bit then headed to see tonight show – Country Music. I enjoyed it – though was unfamiliar with most of the songs. The calibre of show, singing, dance and staging continues to amaze me.




Back to our room for the last time tonight. Tea and a cookie or two, typing up this post, reading some more of my book, then sleeping.

As you can see it’s been a hard day at sea. I’ll leave you with tonights towel animal…