Queensland Cruise – Day 9 – Brisbane

We awoke to draws opening and a big crash this morning at 4.30am. The ship had done a hard turn and two of Kevin’s shooter glasses had fallen and broken. He wasn’t very happy.

We tried to go back to sleep but only managed to dose. We got up at 6.30am as we were arrived in Brisbane. The boat swung around before docking and was only about a meter away from the pier at the back – pretty amazing to watch.


We decided to go into Brisbane and see a movie and do a bit of shopping (having been here many times before and done most of the touristy things). We had breakfast at Windjammers and then left the ship to catch to bus into town. For the first time in my life I got to walk the red carpet. Since my exercise program is called red carpet ready I had to get a photo!


It took about 30mins and we were dropped off at the Myer Center.


We went and got our tickets to see New Moon then did some shopping. Christy rang while we were wandering around. She was in tears. Her guinea pig, Lilly, had had to be put to sleep. It wasn’t really surprising – she was old and had been unwell for a while.

When it was time for the movie we bought some popcorn and took our seats. It was pretty good (but it was my least favourite of all the books) and I loved the big fluffy things (won’t spoil it for anyone not in the know) :-). Kevin found it hard to follow.


After the movie we got some drinks at Gloria Jeans and headed back to get our bus. Turned out to be very good planning as we could see a storm moving in and the rain started just as got back to the boat – so we only got a little bit wet (apparantly those on a later bus had to wait 45mins before they could get on the ship because of the rain making the ramp slippery).

We had a late lunch at Windjammers (around 2pm) and spent the afternoon playing on our laptaps and getting caught up on our fav. blogs.

Time for another dinner. I’ve really enjoyed getting dressed up this cruise (amazing the benefits of losing weight and having a new wardrobe).


Dinner tonight was delicious cauliflower fritters.


It’s supposed to be a bit rougher tonight so we made sure to secure Kevin’s glasses (he got replacement ones tonight).

Shortly we’ll be going to the show – Piano Man and then, maybe if we can stay awake, to the 11pm chocolate buffet.

Tonights towel animal made me miss my pups….


2 thoughts on “Queensland Cruise – Day 9 – Brisbane

  1. hi, libby! i loved the new moon movie, a million times better than the first! it was my least favorite (but still good!) of all the books, too … even though i’m only 1/4 of the way through the last one. your cruise sounds so fabulous!!

  2. I love that towel pup!!

    Glad Kevin got replacement glasses – I was going to suggest he’d have to drink some more 🙂

    So sorry to hear about Christy’s guinea pig 🙁

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