Queensland Cruise – Day 10 – At Sea

Another great show last night – Piano Man. Still can’t get over the standard of talent in the shows.


It was VERY hard waking up this morning – I think mainly because we knew it was the last day. Eventually we did get up and headed to breakfast at Windjammers. We then spent the morning hanging out in the room.

I laid out on the balcony reading the few magazines I had left to read.


Mid morning we went to the shops for a last look around and Kevin wanted to have a go of the rock climbing wall. He’s done it at home and has all his own gear but it’s been a while and I think he’ll be sore tomorrow.

IMG_3422 IMG_3426

Kevin got a coffee from cafe latitudes (a proper one you have to pay for) and a yummy muffin to share.


Back in our room I laid out on the balcony in the sun for a bit. Then when Kevin got his book finished we headed to lunch. We had planned to go to the restaurant but it had closed about 5mins before we got there, so we went to Windjammers instead. I was having a salad anyway so that was okay.


We checked out the deserts and spotted banana cream pie. Full we had to be hope there’d be some at afternoon tea. We then went to the backstage tour. It was interesting hearing more about life on board ship and getting to see the very small backstage area.


On the way back to our room Kevin got a ben and jerry ice cream and I got some cookies (so love the cookies on board). I sat outside enjoying the last bit of sun and last time on our balcony.

Hoping for pie we went back to Windjammers but alas there was no pie. Instead I had some fresh fruit and cream – which I’m guessing was better for me anyway.

Back in our cabin I started packing (such a sad thing to do), had a shower and got ready for our last dinner. As always it was a lovely meal.


Tonight there was a parade with all the chefs and waiters. So many involved in making our dinners each night. And they are always happy and ready to help you any way they can.


Here is a photos of our fantastic waiter, Sandeep from India, and our assistant waiter, Aidrian from Romania.


Later we dropped off a book to the library – I’d never been to one before (in 6 cruises) as was quite impressed with the range of book they have.


We thenĀ  went to the Farewell show.



Tonights towel animal….


Only joking, this was part of the towel folding demonstation earlier in the day. Our final towel animal of the cruise is….


Tomorrow – back to real life…..