UK – Day 2 – Museums and Markets


We were all awake by 4.30am – which meant we all got a good nights sleep. We lazed in bed – the girls writing up their diaries and me writing yesterdays blog post. Eventually we got up, got dressed and headed down to breakfast, where we watched the kitties play while Sabiya cooked our breakfast.



Today Kevin and I shared a mushroom, tomato and spring onion omelette. It was DELICIOUS!


Then it was time to don our jackets and head outdoors. It was VERY cold and we quickly realized we needed another layer (and some socks) for Christy. Who would think it’s mid Summer?


We caught the bus again…


Then the tube, only to discover the circle line was out of operation. We found out how to get to the next station to the Tower of London but realized we’d lost a good hour and a half of the day. Instead we decided to go to the British Museum. We finally got their around 11am.


By the time we got in, dropped our jackets and bags in the kids area, and decided what we wanted to do, it was 11.30am and I thought an early lunch before starting out might be a good idea. I chose a leek and potato soup but it wasn’t that good – too many leaks I think – so I just at the baguette it came with – and half of Christy’s cookie.


Then it was time to start our audio tour. We went with the kids tour guides that had the option of listen to the adult commentary. It worked really well. Both the girls thoroughly enjoyed it (as did Kevin and I). We did 3 of the tours – Ancient Egypt, Early Britain and Ancient Greece.


Here’s a collage of some of what we saw.

British Museum

Highlights would be the Rosetta Stone…



and the Parthenon Freeze.


Christy loved this little hippo that we saw in the souvenier shop. Of course, we’d missed it on the tour so had to go back in search of it. She was a bit surprised it was so small. I was amazed it was over 4000 years old.


Kevin made us have a photo with this bronze statue. Apparently it’s famous and we have a documentary about it at home. Christy was quick to point at this it is, in fact, a boy!


Finally, with VERY sore feet, it was time to leave the museum and had to the markets – Covent Garden Markets that is. It was probably around a 15min walk.



The girls loved the street performers.




I loved finding a Whittards store. I was very restrained and only bought a few things.


Just look what I had to tempt me.


We bought an ice-cream from Thorntons – Kevin & I had raspberry and cream and boy was it yummy. We sat in the sunshine to enjoy it.


We then spent around half and hour relaxing and enjoying this street performer, who ended his rather funny routine with a tightrope walk.


We then explored the market section. I got myself a lovely handmade wooden vase and flowers, and Amy bought herself this very cute hat.


Then it was time to catch the tube and bus back to Southgate where we had dinner.


The natives were acting a little strange.



I order the vegetables with rice. Totally delicious. You just can’t order a meal like this in Australia.


We then walked back to the B&B and relaxed for a bit before going to sleep. Tomorrow we hope to make it to the Tower of London.

And you’ll be happy to know today Christy spotted not one, but two Goldies.


12 thoughts on “UK – Day 2 – Museums and Markets

  1. Keep on having fun.Just like me when I am away I love to see a goldie.I think that statue is Michelangelo’s ‘David’

  2. I am so enjoying this, Libby. It just makes me want to be there too. Love Amy’s purple hat! Hope the weather warms up a bit for you.

  3. wow looks like you are having fun, i have been reading but been at home home so unable to comment on my iphone, you have seen more of london than most brits, in fact my parents have never been. Hope you have a great rest of the trip xx

  4. It’s been over 20 years since we have been to London, but it all looks so familiar (so jealous) and Amy’s hat is very cute indeed and matches her outfit so well.

  5. I’m thinking I may never have to go to the UK now after living vicariously through your photos. I love all the detail you provide. It really feels like I am on holidays too – minus the sore feet.

  6. What a great day, Libby! Your trip is wonderful…thanks for blogging daily to give us a visual treat. Is London ever warm? I wonder! I was there once the first of August and nearly froze! Wasn’t prepared for the chill there. Stay warm and have fun!

  7. Great pics as always, Emerson likes Amy’s hat, love the photo’s of the goldies. Buy the tea set and send it back by post (sorry Kev)

  8. Totally enjoying your posts. We lived in the UK for three years, so your photos are bringing back lots of memories, without the sore feet! Keep having fun!

  9. Looks wonderful!! Love all the fun stuff you saw in the museum….how cool that Amy found a hat to match her outfit perfectly!!!

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