Family Fun Day at Jamberoo


Today it was time to have another family fun day AND we had a family pass to use for Jamberoo Action Park. It was VERY warm for Mid-March so the perfect day for some splashy fun.


I didn’t take the underwater housing today so no photos in the pools.



And just in case you thought I was cured of my Iditarod addiction… I took the i-pad so I could keep up to date :-).


We had our first experience of visiting the first aid station when Amy (walking beside me) just fell over.


And there were plenty of rides for Amy on the taboggon.




I don’t particularly like the tobaggons and Kevin’s back was really sore so I just took Christy for a ride up and back on the chairlift.




Beautiful views as you can see.


Amy beat us back down…


It was a fun, and relaxing day.

3 thoughts on “Family Fun Day at Jamberoo

  1. What fantastic weather you had for your day out. It was really warm for mid-March wasn’t it? I know I got burnt on the beach at Terrigal -I wasn’t expecting that.

    I love all your pics, I feel like I went there too.

    Did you know they are building Australia’s largest water park just down the road from me near Prospect Park? It’s going to be around where the old Sydney’s Wonderland was if you ever went there. It’s due to be open Summer 2012. Something for you guys to get excited about. I know we are looking forward to it.

  2. A neat place for fun! What a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors. It makes me yearn for summertime. But first, we’ll have to endure our wild spring weather, something I both enjoy and dread at the same time. Thunderstorms are a treat, but for us they always bring the threat of tornadoes in spring. Your weather on your family fun day looks perfect!


  3. We were at Jamberoo last weekend with Amelia for her birthday. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t so kind – it was downright cold, so I stuck to the toboggan. The kids though went on everything, and didn’t seem to mind the cold and rain!
    The Prospect Park water park that Vanessa writes about sounds like top fun!

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