Enrique Iglesias Concert

On Saturday afternoon Amy & I got dressed up and headed up Sydney for our special VIP night to see Enrique Iglesias.

Libby & Amy ready for the concert

After a “slight” detour over the Harbour Bridge and back (lucky we had extra time) and trouble finding the parking station….

"Slight" detour over the harbour bridge

we made it to the Gin Garden in The Estalishment for a pre-show cocktail party. It was  cute place with a glass roof.

Bar at The Establishment

Amy & I enjoyed some lemonade and yummy nibblies. We also received our goodie bags which contained a CD, chocolates & an “I like it” travel mug.

VIP Party at The Establishment

Libby at the VIP Party

After an hour here we boarded a bus to take us to the Acer Arena. At this point I was VERY glad I didn’t drive as there was LOADS of traffic because there was a big sports game on nearby  plus the concert.

Waiting for the concert to start

Shortly after we arrived DJ Havana Brown – whom I had never heard of – went on. Her music was okay but it was LOUD and way to BASSY. Luckily Amy wanted some food so we headed out and she was finished by the time we got back :-).

We were in row 13 on the floor and just 2 seats away from the middle runway ….

It's good to feel important

which meant we were able to jump out of seats really quick and stand right by the rail.

Amy beside the stage

Then was time for Pitbull, who we enjoyed.



And then the man we had come to see….


Lots of photos ahead so if you don’t think he’s as hunky as I do you’re free to leave now :-).


Lucky concert goers on stage








It was a fabulous show and I loved being so close the action. I’ve been a fan for years and actually went to see him by msyelf back in 2004 when he was last here. Definitely well worth every cent I paid for these tickets. And so fun, and special, to be able to share it was Amy. Unfortunately though I think she’s going to be very disappointed at her next concert!!!!

Amy & Enrique

The show ended (almost) with Pitbull and Enrqiue on stage together to sing I Like It.

Enrique and Pitbull - I like it

Enrique and Pitbull

Let's go

It finished about 11pm and we got back on the bus into the city, then drove home. I think I tumbled into bed around 2am, tired but very happy.

PS. I’m so grateful that my feet are good at the moment. They were sore after the concert (and standing for hours) but I don’t how I would have coped a few months ago.

6 thoughts on “Enrique Iglesias Concert

  1. Sounds like you both enjoyed yourselves. Pity Christy didn’t want to go. It would have made a perfect Mum/daughters time. If it finished at 11am, was it an all nighter? Photos look fab!

  2. Great line up (I do like DJ Havana Brown!) and you were so close. Yep…Amy is going to come down to earth with a crash for her next concert LOL

  3. Great pictures LIBBY!!!!! So close and love the confetti shot…glad you had an awesome time!
    On another note, you guys have had quite a bit of health issues lately…hope you are clear for the rest of the year!!!

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