Weekend in the Sydney – Annie

We woke up to rain. Nice for a lazy Sunday morning but not motivating to get out and explore.


So we stayed in and played on our laptops before making breakfast in the most poorly equipment kitchen I have EVER come across (having only crockery, pots and a few large utensils does not make for easy cooking).


At 11am we checked out…


and drove over the Star City Casino. We were to meet Nan, Pop and my Granny but they were caught in traffic, so had a bit of wait for them to arrive.


We took some photos while waiting.


Eventually they arrived and with less than an hour for lunch we made a mad dash for the buffet. The food was great but everyone was a bit stressed with the fact we had to eat and run. There was hardly any talking, just eating.

IMG_1215.JPG IMG_1216.JPG

We arrived at the theatre to the chimes ringing. I grabbed a quick photo as we moved promptly to find out seats.


We had barely 5mins till the lights dimmed and the show began.


It was a wonderful musical and we all thoroughly enjoyed. Christy, who is a big fan of the movie, was a bit confused that some parts were different but she just loved the show – esp. the kids and Sandy (Annie’s dog).

We should have stayed for a cuppa afterwards but we headed to the car and back to Wollongong. It was a fun weekend away and lovely hanging out all together.