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Well I can’t say I’m sad to say farewell to 2013. For many reasons, it was not a good year for my family. Sure there were plenty of great times like our trip to Germany, and many memorable moments and days, and it wasn’t a bad year by other peoples standards, but it was definitely the worst year we’ve experienced. Which, means that 2014 should be fantastic. With my Mum’s cancer (hopefully) behind us and the girls set to attend a new school next year, and me on the path to good health, it really should be a great year for us all.
So before I get to setting goals for 2014, let’s see how I went in 2013. It was a real mixed bag this year, a big fail with my goals for family & friends, and definitely not as much achieved as I would have liked.
* Make time for my hobbies on a daily basis – scrapbooking, knitting/crochet, reading   A Big NO on this one, esp as I got more into watching and sharing on youtube.
* Get outside every day and enjoy the moment   Yes for the most part – lots of morning walks were had this year.

* Look into pets as therapy for volunteer work   Yes, but I can’t anywhere to do it in Wollongong.

* Keeping blogging and making videos – just for fun and to share   Well, blogging took a backseat as my video making expanded (hoping to balance it more in 2014)
* Travel…. as much as possible  Due to a tightened budget we only managed a trip to Germany & a few weekends away
* Start (and complete) Project Life (using my week that was posts)  NO!!!! A gave up after a few weeks.
* Keep health a priority throughout the year and feel like a new person this time next year.  It might have taken till mid Oct, but I finally got my act together.
* Eat a plant based diet with a focus on healing/whole foods.  YES

* Get back to daily exercise, in varied forms.  YES

* Weekly menu planning (going to start doing this on the blog again)   Mixed

* Get back playing in the kitchen and making new recipes  Somewhat, but not as much as I’d like
* Take a yoga class  NO
* Develop new/revised home-making routine   Kind of, but needs more revision, fine tuning.
* Use my new dayplanner to help keep organised.   YES
* Help kids to develop their own routines   I tried
* Complete organising all areas of home  NO
* Monthly family day out  Most months
* Monthly day out with Mum   NO
* Friday date night with Kevin (sometimes at home, sometimes out)   NO
* Saturday family game/movie night   NO
* Meet more regularly with the few real life friends that I have   NO
* Weekly family meetings (Monday nights) to address any issues that arise   NO
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Outside my window…it’s a gorgeous day.. but a little on the breezy side

I am enjoying… a Christmas tea that I found in cupboard. It was a nice surprise as I thought there were none left.

I am thinking… about decorating for Chrismtas

I am listening….to Christy’s lullaby music. She is home sick and upstairs asleep.

I am thankful… that I still managed to get my workouts despite a crazy morning.

In the kitchen… I’m cleaning the sink. Later today I plan on making chia cookies & bliss balls.

I am wearing… comfy clothes – 3/4 pants, a t-shirt and my crocs

I am creating… a photobook for a Christmas present

I am going… to finish off cleaning downstairs when my breaktime is over

I am wondering… how I’m going to fit in everything I want to do today

I am reading… Catching Fire (Hunger Games book 2) again before the movie comes out

I am hoping… Christy feels better soon and we can work out what is going on with her health.


I am looking forward to… a pretty quiet, normal week

I am learning… to prioritize “today’s top 3” things to do

Around the house… I am taking down Halloween decor

I am pondering… placing an order from iherb

A favorite quote for today… “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world”

One of my favorite things… my new flamingo mug

A few plans for the rest of the week: Working around the home and hopefully going to the Viking Exhibit on the weekend (we to cancel going on Sat because Christy was sick)

A peek into my day… a walk with the dogs, exercise bike, cleaning downstairs, baking, ironing, editing videos and replying to comments.


To join in please visit the Simple Womans Daybook

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New focus on Wellness


As promised I’m here to update/inform you of my new focus – WELLNESS. After such a horrible month health wise in July I felt I was stuck in a neverending cycle. Pain lead to not the healthiest meals being prepared & too many snacks being consumed as I felt sorry for myself, which lead to weight gain, which lead to more pain, and so began the cycle again. In desperation I started looking at various programs and ideas in an effort to find the “perfect” one that would have me pain free and losing weight.

As July drew to an end I knew it had to stop, and that I needed to make WELLNESS a priority. Not weight loss, but wellness.  Of course, I know a consequence of wellness will be weight loss but I took the focus away from it. I also started being KIND to myself. If I was in pain, I’d just take a slow walk and not expect too much from myself. When I felt better I’d take the time to make healthy, nutritious meals and snacks. I set a goal to walk the dogs 5 days a week and get in two strength training sessions. I didn’t have to do a BIG workout 6 days a week, which is what I had always thought I had to do.


You know the amazing thing? After just one day eating well (low sugar, additives & preservatives) and nourishing my body with green smoothies & salads, my pain levels went back down. A few days later they were back to normal levels (which unfortunately is not pain free but it’s quite managable). And I felt HAPPY and in control of life and food. It’s now been over 2 weeks with my focus on WELLNESS and I’m feeling great. Slowly, but surely, I’m getting my life & home more in order. I am better able to cope with things. And I’m sure I must be a much better person to be around. Oh, and I’ve lost 3kgs (6.6lbs) as a bonus !!!


So for those of you struggling with your weight or health or inner-self problems, I encourage to change your focus to WELLNESS & being KIND to youself. Afterall I think at the end of the day we all just want to be HAPPY, and it’s pretty hard to achieve without WELLNESS. I do hope you’ll join me on this journey.

I’ve been doing weekly Wellness Wednesday videos on YouTube which you might like to check out.

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