Sam’s PageI’m a golden retreiver. I’m about 7 years old, so the Vet says.I live
in New South Wales, Australia. And I’m a very lucky puppy. I can’t remember
much of my early life but when I was about 4 months old I ended up in the
pound. This is where all the stray dogs go that get picked up by the Dog
Catcher. I was only a puppy at the time so I was put into a cage with lots
of little dogs, even though I was much bigger than all of them. I had to
spend 7 days here, and when my family didn’t come to get me I was going
to be put to sleep. But then I was saved. My new mum and dad came and got
me. And I only cost them $20.00. What a bargain I was! (if you don’t count
the $2,000 backyard fence they had to get for me)I was so happy when I
saw them coming, my big tail knocked over
the water dish and I got all wet. Anyway my mum and dad took me in the
car to my new home where I was quickly bathed, as I was rather smelly.
Then they decided that I was still smelly so the mobile dog was man was
called, and they put me into a huge big tub.
I didn’t really like this but afterwards my mum said I smelt good. I found
out that another golden named Ben saved my
life, because somehow he knew I needed to be rescued and he went and got
into the Dog Catchers van. When he was picked up his owners notified my
new mum of my plight. So I looked at Ben as my father, and he taught me
lots of dog things.

Bens gone to puppy heaven now but I have lots of other friends. Hunter
and Jessie James (this is us playing together) are my best friends. I see
Hunter a lot and we go on lots of walks together, and sometimes I even
get to sleep over. I don’t see Jessie as much as he lives further away
but we visit often and we go camping together. Jessie is only a puppy and
last Easter I taught him how to swim, though he doesn’t like it as much
as I do.

In Sept, 1997 mum and dad took me to meet a new golden called Belle.
She wanted to play but I just wanted to sniff around her backyard. Anyway,
mum and dad must have liked her, despite her pink nose and the funny ridge
down her nose, because they bought her home to live with us. At first I
wasn’t too sure about this new arrangement but now I love her. She’s my
very best friend and we have so much fun together – playing, sleeping and

A day in my Life

  • 6.45. Mum wakes up and I get up on the bed (in the middle) for an early
    morning cuddle. When mum goes to have her shower and get ready for work
    I usually lie on my back on the bed beside my dad P.S. Mum and Dad had
    to get a King Size bed so I could sleep with them. I have my own bed as
    well, but theirs’ is better.
  • 8.00am We say goodbye to Dad, who’s usually still in bed and get into the
    car (How I love going in the car), Mum has a Ute so I get the sit in the
    front with her. Usually she tickles my chin at the traffic lights and points
    out all the puppies to me.
  • 8.15am We arrive at my ‘other mums’ (actually my Grandmother, but I call
    her mum as well). I spend the day here and my mum goes to work.
  • 10am This mum takes me for a walk to the park every day and I get to play
    with lots of puppies. I also get patted by all the school kids and have
    to perform all my tricks.
  • 11am – 4pm Sometimes I help with the gardening, swim the spa, run away
    if the opportunity arrises or just sleep (one of my favourite activities).
  • 5pm. Mum comes to pick me up. We go home.
  • 7pm Dinner time. Hope its something good, but often its just Dry
    food (not my favourite, but mum says I’m too fat)
  • 7.30pm Sleep while mum and dad watch tv.
  • 8.30pm Time to go to bed. Usually I start the night lying on the cool
    tiles in the bathroom, but sometimes I’ll cuddle with mum and dad on the