Libby’s Pregnancy Diary

Libby’s Pregnancy

NOTE: Please only read if you interested
in hearing what pregnancy is really like.

This is also quite long and detailed, so be

1st Trimester

Tuesday, 23rd June, 98 (4 weeks)

Well, it’s official – I’m pregnant.

My breasts have been sore over the last few
days and knowing my period

were due now, I decided to take a home test
this morning. The line was

very faint so I went and had my shower and
when I came out took another

look. Yes, though faint, there was definitely
a line.

I went and put the stick on Kevin’s lap top
and hopped into bed. But of

course when he got back in he turned to cuddle
Sam and didn’t look so I

had to tell him. Then he couldn’t really see
the line. We tried not to

get too excited and I managed to get a doctors
appointment for 11.30am.

I asked mum to come in and mind the office
(and she didn’t even ask why

– obviously suspecting) and Kevin picked me
up. We waited at the doctors

for an hour but it was worth when the test
showed positive again. He

suggested we don’t tell anyone until 13 weeks
when the high risk period

is over and we go for another check then.
All I have to do is eat well,

exercise, take folic acid and get a pap smear.

I’ve already told mum and dad they are excited
for us. It’s going to

kill mum not being able to tell anyone.

Kevin and I went to the Lonestar to celebrate.
He’s already on at me

about cutting down caffeine, no more tea (had
to go by caffeine free) and

watching what I eat. It’s going to be hard
not getting all excited.

Wednesday, 24th June, 98

Well, I’m one day officially pregnant. Read
today that 50% of

pregnancies are lost in the next two weeks.
I so hope that won’t happen

to us – we’ve been waiting so long for this
baby. We conceived on the

9th June and will be due approx. 4th March,

It’s still sinking in that I really am pregnant.

Friday, 26th June, 98

Still only sore breasts. It seems very unreal
still. Trenna came into

the office with her new baby Wesley (1 month)
and I got to hold him. I

can’t wait to hold my own baby in my arms.
It’s going to be a very long

time to March.

Sunday 28th June, 98

Kevin is mighty keen about this pregnancy.
Yesterday he made me go to

baby shops to see what sort of stuff we will
need to buy. Lots. He keeps

ringing his ‘pregnant wife’ at work to see
if my breasts are still sore.

Thankfully they are. I took the dogs for walk
yesterday afternoon. I

know I’ve got to get back into exercise –
it’s just hard at this time of

year when it’s dark at 5pm. Yes, I know, I’ve
got the exercise bike –

but its dark and cold who wants to exercise.

Monday 29th June, 98

I’m due early March, so assuming everything
goes well, Ill probably

just drop down to 2 days working at Xmas,
and then see how I’m feeling.

I only plan on working 2 days when the baby
is born, and writing on the

other days.

Tuesday, 30th June, 98

Well, I’ve been officially pregnant for a
week now. Still no sign of

nausea, thank goodness. Only tiredness, sore
breasts and a hint of

indigestion last night and this afternoon.
I still get a thrill

every time I think about the fact I have a
little baby growing inside me.

I’m even used to the deceive tea now, and
I haven’t drunk Diet Coke in

over a week.

Thursday, 2nd July, 98 (5 weeks)

I have been eating better again but yesterday
I didn’t feel well – too tired to

exercise and tonight I’m going to the hairdressers.
Yesterday I was

bathed and in my Pas by 6pm, then I sat listening
to baroque music

whilst editing Stone of Destiny. It was a
wonderful way to spend the


Monday, 6th July, 98

I am just so tired, physically and mentally,
even after a nice relaxing

weekend. And I had a terrible night last night
– painful ache in the

left arm which made it difficult to get the
sleep – no idea if that’s

related to being pregnant. Went at looked
at cars yesterday.

We move offices at work tomorrow so it should
be a busy day.

Monday 20th July,98 (eight weeks)

Still extremely tired and this morning I’m
feeling quite ill. I can’t

wait until this trimester is over. I don’t
know how people who get

severe nausea and vomiting cope, especially
if they work. On Saturday

we went to visit Olivia, Geoff and Nicki’s
new born. She’s terribly cute

and both Kevin and I had a nurse. Kevin was
a bit put out because he

wanted his own baby to be the first that he
held, which is very sweet.

He is going to be such a good dad. We went
for dinner with Len and Karen

on Friday and they couldn’t get over how much
Kevin fussed over me. And

he has been so helpful around the house, and
even bathed the dogs for me


On Saturday we went down to Figtree Hospital
and Karen showed us around.

We were very impressed and decided we will
have the baby there. Not only

is close to home but the facilities are excellent.
Private rooms, some

with double beds, and a large spa bath, TV
and lounge in the birth room.

They encourage mothers to stay at the hospital
for 5-7 and teach things

like feeding, bathing, changing nappies, etc.
And if we get a double

room, Kevin is welcome to stay over. The rooms
are like hotel suites

with views over the nearby fields and up Mt.
Kembla. I think the visit

has made us both that bit more excited.

Wednesday 19th August (12 weeks)

Well, I know I haven’t written for a month
but not much has changed.

Over the last week I’ve been feeling better
but still very, very tired.

Mind you I’ve also had a dose of the flu which
hasn’t helped. Our baby

went for its first plane flight on the weekend
– to Brisbane for the

Romance Writers Conference. It was a great
weekend and because food was

prepared I ate really well – 3 meals plus
snacks, including fruit and

salad because the weather was nice and warm.
I did probably have a bit

much caffeine though. Back at home is cold
and wet and half the town is

flooded, so its hard to think about eating
fruit and salads, despite

the desire I have to eat it. I’m hoping the
weather will fine up soon

and Ill be able to exercise and eat better.

Saturday 22nd August

Kevin decided this morning that we should
tell people we are pregnant. I

rang mum and told her she could spread the
word and we went out for

lunch at Windjammers with mum, dad, granny
and popa to celebrate. Mum

brought the baby a lovely teddy bear and Granny
bought me some flowers

so it was just like having a birthday. It
is starting to seem a bit more

real now that we are telling everyone. Everyone
is so excited and Irene

rang later in the afternoon to say how thrilled
she is. I just hope this

baby is doing okay. Every day I seem to be
feeling less tired, though

I’ve still got this funny pain in the ass
and am having very vivid, very

strange dreams.

Went looking at cars this afternoon – one
big enough to take kids and

the dogs.

Wednesday 26th August (13 weeks)

Dreamt last night that I had a daughter. She
was so beautiful and it was

the most wonderful feeling holding her in
my arms. I saw the cutest

little baby in a blue jumpsuit in the supermarket
this morning. It

really makes me long to hold my own baby in
my arms.

Thursday 27th August

Mum and Irene called by the office today and
Irene gave me the cutest

little baby clothes – a lovely jumpsuit and
cardigan. They are so tiny.

Kevin hung the jumpsuit up in the lounge room
so we could look at it

while watching TV.

It’s all starting to get exciting. We go to
see the doctor tomorrow

morning, so it’ll be interesting to see what
that brings. I have no idea

what she will do.

Friday 28th August

Doctors appointment went okay. My weight had
stayed the same but my

blood pressure was high so we’ve now got an
appointment to see Dr Davis

on Monday (usually we would have had to wait
longer). Went and looked at

baby prams this afternoon and we’ve pretty
much decided what one we

want. Mum is going to buy the pram and crib.
Tomorrow we got to look at

our new car again and will probably place
our order.

Monday 31st August

Just came back from our first appointment
with Dr Davis, our

obstetrician, and we heard the babies heart
beat. Kev and I are both

very excited. It’s so good to know that the
baby is alive and kicking.

Everything else was fine, even my blood pressure
was normal. We go to

see him every 4 weeks and have an ultrasound
at about 20 weeks.