Libby’s Pregnancy Diary

Libby’s Pregnancy

NOTE: Please only read if you interested
in hearing what pregnancy is really like.

This is also quite long and detailed, so be

2nd Trimester

Saturday 5th September (14 weeks)

We stayed overnight in Sydney last night and
on the way home stopped at

Toys R Us where we purchased a cot set including
quilt, bumper and

pillow slip. It was the first set we’d seen
that we both liked and is

blue and yellow, the colours I wanted to use.

Then when we got home Kevin decides he wants
to go and buy our cot and

pram, which mum is paying for. So off we go
and find a pram, smaller

than the previous one we had looked at. It’s
a convertible stroller/pram

so we should get a lot of use out of it. Then
we saw a cot, which we

fell in love with. All others had failed to
get us excited but this one

is timber and a beautiful piece of furniture.
Back at home and we set

them both up. The cot is absolutely beautiful
– now we just need the

baby to put in it.

Tuesday 8th September

I’ve been good the last week and have started
riding the exercise book

for 20mins 3 times a week. It’s already getting
a lot easier. And I have

the cot right beside me for inspiration as
I want to be a lot fitter

when this baby arrives. Still not eating as
well as I should, some days

I’m perfect then the next, like yesterday,
I have no fruit and hardly

any veg.

Thursday 24th September (17 weeks)

We to see Dr. Davis again today and this time
Kevin recorded the

heartbeat. Everything is going well. Still
rather tired and suffering

from the siatic nerve in my left buttock.
Dr Davis said if it gets worse

I could get physio for it but otherwise there
is nothing that can be


Saturday 2nd October (18 weeks)

Not much happening except I’ve been starting
to get lower back pain.

I’ve been eating well, but not exercising.
Went to Wonderland today but

was unable to go any rides. I still had a
good time though.

Friday 9th October (19 weeks)

Well, it’s a girl.
We went for the ultrasound today. Everything is fine.

She was all stretched out and the tech said
she looked very relaxed and

content. Her head was down in my pelvis. She
was moving around and Kevin

reckons she waved at him. Though we didn’t
care which sex the baby was

it’s exciting to know we will have a girl
(it’s 99% definite). Now we

are getting serious about choosing a name.

Monday 12th October

I’m finding that by the end of a day at work
my back is very, very sore.

Oh, well only another 10 weeks of four-day
weeks. Granny Given had a

stroke about 10 days ago, and I’m just hoping
she survives to see her

first great-granddaughter. We bought, at Kevin’s
urging, a baby bouncer

on Saturday and yesterday I bought the cutest
little Winnie The Pooh

outfit (it was only $24!!!!). I also got an
expectant mum ornament for

the Christmas Tree.

Wednesday 21st October (21 weeks)

On Saturday we went and placed a lay-by on
the final big things we

needed to buy – a bath/change table and car
seat. And I’m also getting a

reclining chair and stool, which will be nice
for breastfeeding (or for

reading!) I might have to fight Kevin for
it though. Still very tired. I

find I’m not very good if I stay up later
than 9pm. Kevin’s disappointed

that I haven’t felt the baby move yet (at
least not for certain), though

I’m sure I’ve felt her moving against some
internal organs. We’ve also

decided on a name – but won’t be making the
announcement until her


Thursday 22nd October

Had a very unexciting visit with Dr. Davis.
Everything is going well and

we heard the baby’s heartbeat first go this
time. We waited for over an

hour, and were with the Dr for no more than

Saturday 31st October (22weeks)

Woo hoo!!! Our little girl kicked me this
morning. I was lying in bed,

partly on my stomach when I felt this strange
sensation in my stomach

(just like a bubble popping – which is how
it had been described to me).

I waited, and it happened again, then again.
Kevin was most excited.

Wednesday 4th November (23 weeks)

Well, our little girl has suddenly become
a real strong kicker. Even now

as I type she’s at it, though she seems to
be most active in the morning

and early evening. Though that could be because
I’m resting and able to

feel her. If I hadn’t been told it felt like
a bubble popping I don’t think I

’d know it was her. Only four months to go