Libby’s Pregnancy Diary

Libby’s Pregnancy

NOTE: Please only read if you interested
in hearing what pregnancy is really like.

1st Trimester

2nd Trimester

3rd Trimester

Thursday 3rd December (27 weeks)

Decided to go and see a physio today since
my back has been very, very sore – particularly after a day at work. The
main thing she said I needed was massage – still trying to talk Kevin into
that one. She also gave me some exercises and said to use a heat pad.

Monday 14th December (28 weeks)

Not too much to report. Baby is very active
between about 5pm and 9pm. This is good because they appartantly keep to
the same schedule when they are born, which means she’ll be awake when
Kev gets hom from work. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find a
comfy position to sleep in, and I suppose this will only get worse. I seem
to starting to really pop out now. Up til now most people have just thought
I’ve been putting on weight. Most of my Christmas shopping is done. Just
as well because I’m not too good on my feet for too long, especially witth
the weather being as horribly hot as it’s been the last few days.

Thursday 17th December (29 weeks)

Had my last monthly appointment with Dr Davis
today. He is really very happy with how I am going. And my glucose test
was fine.

Saturday 26th December (30 weeks)

Well, I’m rather glad Christmas is over. I
really enjoyed myself and even though I tried to take it easy, I am still
rather exhausted. At least it was relatively cool. Baby got quite a few
presents, including another bear and some clothes.

Wednesday 30th December (31 weeks)

Kevin and I have been doing up the nursery
this week and I think it looks great. We used our Christmas money to take
out our lay-by, plus had a spending spree. The room looks wonderful – now
we just need the baby to make it complete. Speaking of whom, she is very,
very active these days.

Thursday 31st December

First fortnightly visit with Dr Davis. Nothing
to report as everything is going well. Kevin is working tonight so it’ll
be a nice, quite new year. I’ve ordered pizza for tea and plan on having
a nice bubble bath and then going to bed to read.

Monday 4th January, 1999

We’re on holidays at Nelson’s Bay with mum
and dad this week. Baby is getting stronger by the minute. It’s so weird
having a book resting on my stomach and it almost bouncing out my hands
when she kicks. It’s been so very hot, but luckily the house is air conditioned.
I’m finding it hard to find a comfy position to sleep in now and have been
using pillows to try and keep my back from hurting.

Thursday 14th January (33 weeks)

Another appointment with Dr. Davis – everything
is going fine. My feet and hands are pretty swollen now but I’m told that’s
very common. I’m still craving Chocolate Billabongs (Ice Creams) so have
to keep a good stock in the freezer. Kev’s really good about getting out
of bed to get them for me.

Wednesay 27th January (35 weeks)

I’m now onto weekly appointments. Kevin came
to my appointment with me today which was good since I wasn’t feeling all
to good (which is unusual for me in the afternoon). Dr Davis wants me to
have another ultrasound to check the size of the baby – which means we’ll
get to see her again. I just hope I can book it for Thurs or Fri since
Kev will be interstate next week.

I’m having a lot more trouble sleeping now
and can only sleep on my side. Plus I’m thirsty and drinking a lot, therefore
I’m going to the toilet a lot. I think it’s going to be a very long month
until this baby arrives. Still I shouldn’t complain, I know I’ve had it
very easy.

Thursday 28th January

Unfortunately I can’t have the ultrasound
until Tuesday, which means Kev won’t be here. But at least he can watch
the video. I asked my mum to come with me, so she’s all excited.

Sunday 31st January

Leanne and mum hosted a baby shower for me
today. I had a great time. We played a few games, the baby gots lots of
wonderful things, and it was nice to catch with everyone.

Tuesday 2nd February

The ultrasound went fine – there are no problems.
And best of all, she’s still a girl!!! She’s still measuring tall and for
the second time I was asked if my husband was tall (which he’s not). She’s
about 7 pounds which means she should be about 8 pounds around her due
date. She really looks like a baby now, rather than just a skeleton.

Thursday 4th February (36 weeks)

Dr Davis is happy with everything. He wasn’t
concerned about her size at all. My hands have been very swollen this week
with Carpel Tunnel Syndrom. Still can’t complain too much.

Saturday 6th February

Went to our birth classes today. They were
very informative, even though we already knew a lot of the stuff. And were
able to clarify the hospital procedures which has dispelled the few concerns
I had. Kevin was also taught how to give me a back massage – now I just
have to hope he remembers how.

We’re both very excited now. It’s going to
be a long couple of weeks.

Wednesday 10th February (38 weeeks)

Everything still going well. Baby has dropped
down in the last week. I’m feeling suprisingly well, considering how hot
it has been.

Yesterday we booked our trip to Florida in
November. So before this baby is even born her first overseas trip is planned.

Last night I had a really awful dream that
I went into labour, only to loose the baby – it wasn’t a very nice feeling.
My doctor goes in holidays this week, so knowing my luck the baby will
decide to come now. Not that we mind, we’re all ready to meet her.

Tuesday 2nd March (39 weeks)

Well, we’re nearing the due date now. I’m
feeling rather relaxed and quite comfortable. I expected to feel real awful
at this stage because you hear so many mothers saying they were sick of
being pregnant. Lucky for me I don’t feel this way. Family and friends
are a lot more impatient for this baby to be born than I am. Every morning
the first question Kevin asks is “Are you having a baby today?” As though
I know the answer to that. I’m still keeping fairly busy – doing jobs and
errands in the morning and relaxing with a book in the late afternoon.
The only problem I’m really having is that because baby is pressing on
my bladder, it isn’t very comfortable to do much walking. Luckily my mum
has been taking the dogs for a walk for me. My next doctors appointment
is on Thursday.