Amy’s birth

Amy was born on 4th March 1999 at 11:15 (UTC -1100)

Brief Story….

March 3….

21:30 libby had back ache…

March 4….

01:00 contractions start

02:20 called hospital

03:37 arrive at hospital

08:05 Dr. Davis ruptures membranes and ordered a Syntocin IV.

09:30 Syn drip is actually running

10:10 Babys hart rate slowes to 50bpm (should be 160bpm)

10:15 Injection (briconil sp?) to stop Syntocin and all contractions
and halt labour.

10:30 Preparation for Emergency C-Section

At this point i was told to go away as Libby went into surgery. As
it was an emergency, a general was used instead of an epidural. Thats why
i couldn’t be in there with her.

11:17 Baby Amy was born. There was a lot of merconium present
so she didn’t breathe properly straight away. First APGAR was very low
(still don’t know numbers). After suctioning lungs, she was put on manual
respiration for about 1 minute before she started breathing by herself.

11:35 Baby was given to me (Kevin). She was fine by this point.

11:45 Baby was put on a warming table. given vit K needle, blood
sugar taken, and a bath (remember the merconium… It was EVERYWHERE)

13:00 Libby was awake, and saw Amy.

13:30 Linda and David (waiting patiently) finally saw her.


Weight:3170 grams

Length:48 cm

HC:34 cm

Heres some photots… (click on them for a full size version…)

New Photos 1999/03/05

New Photos 1999/03/06