March 1999


After an emergency ceserean, Amy’s first week
was spent in hospital. Thankfully

she is a very good baby. I’ve had some problems
with breastfeeding but it seems to be going okay.

Home from hospital. I’m still sore from the
operation, but Kevin and my mum have
been a great help around the house. Had a
few short shopping trips. Towards the end
of the week, I found it impossible to walk,
then my right leg swelled up and I was
admitted back into hospital with a DVT (Deep
Vein Trombosis) or blood clot.
Amy is putting on plenty of weight and passed
with flying colours at her two week check-up.


In hospital. Thankfully Amy was able to stay
with me since I was breastfeeding.
I was in a lot of pain and confined to bed.
Amy was wonderful and slept through most
of the night, only waking for a feed about


Home again. It’s still difficult for me to
get around, so mum’s been called in again
to help me, since Kevin’s got lots of work
to do. It’s taken a few days for Amy to
settle down again but she’s continued to sleep
most of the night.