USA 2000

Dec 2000

5th December – Traveling

We left Sydney at 7pm and settled in for the long
flight to LA. We had a lovely dinner of Sweet Potato Soup, beautiful Beef
Fillet and a cheese platter. At about 9.30pm Amy settled down for the night
and slept through until 6am, when we were served breakfast. Neither Kevin
nor myself (due to my sore ankle) slept well.

We arrived in LA, went through customs, and
checked in at Delta. Our luggage was able to sent straight through from
the international airport so we didn’t have to lug it over with us. On
the plane to las Vegas Amy went to sleep. We landed about 5pm and caught
a taxi (after unsuccessfully trying to get a shuttle – due to the amount
of luggage we had no-one wanted to take us) to the Luxor. At reception
I asked if there was any chance of us getting a King size bed. The lady
checks the computer and says she will upgrade us to a suite. This may have
been because when I booked I mentioned today was our wedding anniversary
but she didn’t mention that so I don’t know. Anyway, our room was unbelievable
(especially for $165AU a night). We had a seperate lounge, two large windows
overlooking Manderlay Bay hotel, and a huge spa bath (it was more like
a small pool). We were pretty tired so we went downstairs to the buffets,
Pharaoh’s Feast, which was lovely – so much food it’s unbelievable. Kevin
had some emergency work he had to do already so Amy and I had a spa then
went to bed.

Wed 6th Dec

We awoke about 8am and had breakfast in the food
hall. Kevin had breakie burgers, I had a bagel and Amy had scrambled eggs
(her favourite). We then wandered around the hotel. Kevin went on the IMAX
ride so Amy and I checked out the shops. We then met up again and did the
tour of King Tuts tomb, which was pretty good.

Next we walked up the strip to Paris (I wanted
to catch the monorails but Kevin wanted to walk – go figure (anyone who
knows Kevin will find this unbelievable). First we stopped at M&M World.
I love M&MS and was really looking forward to this but was quite disappointed
since basically it’s just a shop. Oh, well. We then visited Walgreens (chemist)
to get some supplies and bottled water.

Finally we arrived at Paris – and boy is it
impressive. We caught the lift up the Eiffel Tower (which is exactly half
scale and still huge). The view from the top was great and we could see
some of the water show at the Bellagio. Before we went up we had a photo
taken of the 3 of us but didn’t buy it cause it was $20US. In hindsight
and after discovering the cost of everything else I wish we had gotten
it. We were getting hungry now but the food places in Paris looked
a little posh for us so we headed over the Caesar’s Palace and ended up
having hamburgers in their food hall.

Our stomach’s full we continued on to the
Forum Shops. We saw the Fall of Atlantis show and enjoyed it, spent over
an hour in FAO Swartz. Didn’t buy anything (everything was too big or too
heavy) but Amy had the most wonderful time, and spent a bit of time watching
the fish in the aquarium.

From here we went across to the Venetian.
Amy fell asleep so we skipped the gondola ride, and had ice-cream at Haagan
Daaz. I had cookies in ice-cream (recommended to me) and Kev had a shake.
We wandered around the shops and bought some stuff in Brookstone (Kevin’s
favourite shop). I really liked the atmosphere at the Venetian – it was
one of my favourite places. Amy woke up just we wandered outside to find
it was now nighttime. We walked up to Treasure Island to see the pirate
show. I’d read somewhere it stand it front of the manor but got confused
and stood in front of the pirate ship. It was still a good show but would
have been better if we’d stood where we were supposed to. Amy was a bit
grizzly here and had to be bribed with lolls.

We walked to the Mirage to see to Volcano
but it wasn’t going. Later on I realized it started at 6pm and we were
there just before that. We were too tired to walk back to the hotel so
we caught the CAT (bus) and arrive back at the Luxor about 6.30pm. We had
Nathan’s in the food court., sharing a chicken burger and Philly Cheese
steak roll). Back in our room (which was quite a walk from the lift) we
had a spa, relaxed and slept. Unfortunately we had trouble getting Amy
settled in her cot and cried for over 1.5 hours before falling asleep.

Theresa 7th Dec

We were up at about 8.30am this morning and had
breakfast in the Nile Deli. Kevin had french toast (American style) and
I had potato pancakes. Mine was okay but I think Kevin made the better
choice. At 10am we caught a taxi to Pebbles In My Pocket – a scrapbook
shop. It cost is US$20 in fares but I really enjoyed myself. I bought lots
of nice stickers and stuff, but I was surpassed at how much stuff is already
available in Australia. Because the taxi had been so expensive we caught
a bus back to the strip – which is what we should have done to get there
(but we didn’t know where we were going).

we went to the Stratosphere. It had been drizzling a bit so we were told
the big shot was closed down. But by the time we rode the lift to the observation
tower is was going again. So Kevin got the go on the tallest ride in the
world – he wasn’t terribly impressed with it though. We had our free drinks
while enjoying the view over Las Vegas, then caught the lift back down
and wandered around the shops.

All the walking we had done was starting the
catch up with us so we caught a taxi over to the Hilton Hotel to see the
Star Trek Experience. First we went through the museum – this would be
better without kids cause you could stop and read everything
– then did a baby swap for the actual ride. It’s pretty different in that
there are real actors interacting with you before you get put into the
simulator part of the experience. It was really good and definitely the
best of these I’ve every done. While Kevin rode Amy and I wandered the
shop and bought a few things. We were going to have lunch but it was getting
late and we couldn’t decide what to have so we decided to walk to Circus
Circus. We had been going here for Amy but she fell asleep so we decided
to continue onto Fashion mall instead, where we had a early dinner, at
4pm, at Dive! – which I had organized as a surprised for Kevin. We had
a nice peaceful dinner while Amy slept and both really enjoyed the chicken
subs. Amy awoke towards the end of our meal. We then spent a few hours
wandering through the shops – and I was most excited to find a Gymberee
store – my favourite for kids clothes. Spent quite a bit of money, enjoyed
a milk shake and caught the CAT back to the Luxor. We had our nightly spa,
watched TV, relaxed and went to sleep. Amy had been a lot better today
and went to sleep reasonably easy.

Friday 8th Dec

Our last day in Vegas. When we were up and dressed,
I packed while Kevin went and got breakfast for us, which we ate in the
room. We then did an express check out and had our luggage stored. All
the walking had been giving my ankle a bit of grief (I’d broken it and
only come out of plaster a month before the trip), so we caught the monorail
to Excalibur, then walked to Coca Cola World – which like M&M World,
is just a shop. We made another stop at Walgreens, had a quick look in
the Desert Passage, then walked up to Caesar’s Palace where we again had
lunch – but this time at the buffet. We then paid a return visit the the
Forum Shops to watch the roof change from night to day – which we had missed
the first time. Kevin went into the Warner Bros. shops and bought lots
of Harry Potter stuff – which is not available in Australia. We then went
to FAO Swartz to by a play cube for Amy which I wanted to get the first
time but didn’t.

here we walked back to the Bellagio, which is very beautiful inside. My
mum would love this hotel. We wandered through, then secured a spot to
watch the water show – Amy really loved this. We wandered back to Excalibur
to have a look around. We tried some Krispy Kreme donuts – which were very
yummy indeed, and took Amy to see Santa. She was happy to see him but wouldn’t
sit on his lap – maybe because he looks quite different from our Santa’s
– more old fashioned and traditional. We had paid to have a photo taken
but they gave us our money back which was nice. We
then walked to New York, New York to watch the ice-skating show. Kevin
hadn’t particularly wanted to see this but I did and Amy really liked it.

Next it was back to the Luxor to pick up our
luggage and get a taxi to the airport (where Amy tried to run onto the
toad but our driver caught her in time). We then found out our flight had
been canceled and we had been transferred to South West. Kevin wasn’t too
pleased and wanted to drive to San Diego instead. But we waited, had dinner
at the Pizza Hut and let Amy have a play around. It was a very usual
flight. At first we couldn’t understand while everyone was so eager to
get on the plane, and we hung back to the end, only to discover the reason
– no allocated seats. Luckily we managed to find 3 together – probably
the last ones. There were also seats facing backwards – which would be
very strange indeed, and a very light-hearted entertaining commentary.
Certainly a new experience for us.

Upon arrival in San Diego we caught a taxi
to our hotel. It’s very nice and we had a nice large room. Amy had to have
a bath once she discovered it and we were all in bed around 12pm.

Saturday 9th Dec

We woke up late this morning planning on getting
a shuttle to Sea World, only discover there was no such shuttle. We
decided to hire a car which meant we had to catch a taxi, pick up the car,
drive to Sea World, etc. We finally got there about 12pm. Amy got to meet
Penny and Pete Penguin but wouldn’t pose for photos. We were absolutely
starved by this time so went straight to have lunch. Kevin and I had very
expensive Ribs and Wedges and Amy had some melon. We then went to see the
Shamu show -which was pretty good. Amy loved the first half but then got
a bit bored. From here we went to the aquarium to see starfish and turtles,
manatee (my favourite) and ducks (Amy went mad when she saw them all).
We then saw the dolphin show – good but again Amy got a bit fidgety.
Kevin bought one of those stupid big cups with a cheap plastic dolphin
head on it (he always has to buy these things). Next we discovered the
kids play area which was a big hit with Amy. One thing we were surprised
about was how quiet the park was, especially on a Saturday. We spent quite
a bit of time here then headed to see the penguins – which Amy loved and
just had to have a stuffed one from the shop. We saw the arctic polar bears
which was a favourite with all of us. By then it was dark and time to go
home. As we were leaving Amy fell fast asleep in her pram – cuddling her
penguin. We got lost on the way back to the hotel but finally got there.
With Amy still asleep in her pram we had dinner at the hotel. I had the
most beautiful chicken stir-fry, Kevin had a burger, and Amy – who finally
woke up – had chicken tenders and chips – which she had lots of fun dipping
in the honey sauce. Back in our room we went to sleep about 10pm. Amy slept
much better tonight.

Sunday 10th Dec

about 9am this morning. We arrived at the Wild Animal Park about 10.30am
and got ourselves a light breakfast. We then went on the 55 minute railway
trip around the park. We saw lots of animals, though some were a fair bit
away. Amy enjoyed the first half then started to get a bit bored. Next
we went to the lorikeet feeding where Dad and Amy had a photo taken, then
the Elephant Show and the kids play area. Its funny how once you have kids
you look for these areas – Amy had fun on the slide. We then went to the
petting zoo and feed the duck – Amy loved doing both of these but it was
extra hard for her to leave the ducks. We bought some yummy soft cookies
and left the park about 1.30pm.

We drove to Seaport village and Amy fell asleep
in the car. We wandered around, enjoying the nice warm sunshine. We had
a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – which was very yummy. Kev bought a toffee
apple. We explored the shops and walked along the waterfront. When Amy
woke up we drove back to the hotel at about 4pm. Since we were back so
early I decided to do some laundry. We relaxed in the room, watched TV
and then went and a spa. We enjoyed this but it was cold once we got out.
We again had dinner in the Peacock Cafe. Tonight Kevin had a hamburger,
I had soft tacos and Amy had chicken tenders again. We were in bed by 9pm.

Monday 11th

We woke up this morning about 8am, packed and
checked out of the hotel. We drove to Carlsbud with the intention of going
to Legoland but decided instead to go to the outlet malls. We spent a few
hours here and lots of money. I really love shopping the USA because they
have so many things not available in Australia. We enjoyed lunch at Ruby’s
Diner. I had vegie soup and a BLT roll – which I shared with Amy, and Kev
had chili in a bread bowl. Of course we had to try to famous chocolate
milk shakes.
We left here about 1.30pm and headed for Anaheim, where we arrived at the
Tropicana Inn about 3pm. Our room is okay – but certainly a lower standard
than were we have been staying. But that was our compromise before we spend
our last four nights in the Disneyland Hotel. We unpack and drive to the
nearby Walmart – one of our favourite places to visited. We were here for
about an hour and spent a couple of hundred dollars. Next was a quick stop
at Comp USA for Kevin, then Ralph’s for groceries. We were back in the
room about 6.30pm, feeling very tired from all our shopping. Tonight’s
dinner in the room was egg rolls and stuffed potatoes. And for a special
treat we got to see the fireworks while eating dinner. Amy thought this
was just amazing and was really the highlight of our stay here. We were
asleep about 9pm, Amy sharing a bed with me and Kevin in the other.

Tuesday 12th

woke up about 7.30am and decided on going to IHOP for breakfast (it
was a few doors up from the hotel). I shared a vegetable omelet with Amy.
It also come with 3 pancakes so was a huge breakfast. Kevin had the apple
pancakes. We all enjoyed what we had. After eating we set off for Universal
Studios. We managed to find our way there easy enough and arrived about
10.30am, taking advantage of the priority parking. We walked through Grinchmas
– which didn’t mean a lot to us since we hadn’t seen the movie. We then
saw the Wild West Show which we enjoyed. We were surprised at how quiet
the park was. Next Amy had a photo taken with Tommy from the Rugrats, when
then saw the Animal Actors Show. Since this was our 3rd trip to Universal
we’d seen all the shows before. Next Dad went on Terminator 2 -3D (which
we hadn’t done before). He said it was pretty good but I decided not to
bother about it. Amy and I wandered around, Amy saw and patted Lassie,
had a photo with the statue of Babe, and we met Doc from Back to the Future.

When we met up with Dad again we saw the Rugrats
show, then did the Studio Tour. Next was lunch – very yummy fried chicken.
Kevin then went on Back the Future while Amy and I sat outside in the freezing
cold and wind. I debated going and
buying a jacket but decided against it. We went to the downstairs area
and it wasn’t as windy down there. We took Amy on the ET ride and she enjoyed
this. Then Kevin went on Jurassic Park but he cheated and bought a poncho
– so he didn’t get too wet. Dad then bought me more churros (he is obsessed
with these) and Amy had a photo with Woody Woodpecker. She is really good
with the characters and they all have soft fur on their outfits for the
kids to pat. We then wandered through the shops and had a photo with Doc
(who remembered us from before). Then it was back to the car, where Amy
fell asleep immediately. The traffic was heavy on the way home but not
too bad. We stopped at Ralph’s again and had Pizza in our room for dinner
(where we enjoyed the fireworks again). We were in bed and asleep by about

Wednesday 13th

We had breakfast in our room and left about 9.30am
for Fry’s Electrical Store. We spent about an hour here. Kevin had fun
and didn’t spend too much money. We then drove to Collectibles Now &
Then (scrapbook store), which I really enjoyed. I got a Crop in Style Tote
(at Kevin’s urging), and some stickers for about $112.00 US. I was very
a very happy camper.

We then returned the car the hotel and walked
across to Disneyland. It was so beautiful, all decorated for Christmas.
I enjoyed my first stroll down main street. We headed first to Tommorowland,
where we had lunch at Rocket Redd’s Pizza Port. Kevin had Pizza and we
shared a very delicious chicken pasta dish. we picked up fast passes for
Autopia and went to Innoventions. Kevin enjoyed this but I was anxious
to get to more fun stuff. It would have been best to leave this to later
in the trip. We did have a disney moment here when a CM took Amy up in
the playmaze area for the kids (since she was a bit little to go by herself).

Next we took our first ride on It’s a Small
World. We had never seen the Christmas version and it was just magical.
We all loved it. Then it was back to Autopia. I went in one car, Kevin
and Amy in the other so I could take videos./photos – very difficult when
you are driving. Amy loved it.

By now it was 4.50pm so we headed back to
Fantasyland to line up for the parade. We found a great place, in front
of a bin (which we could rest against). We enjoyed popcorn and churros
while we waited. Amy was very good during the hour wait, probably because
there was plenty of people to watch. The parade was wonderful – everything
you expect from Disney. And Amy got so excited when she saw Pooh and Tigger,
and then Minnie and Mickey.

After the parade we did a lap of the train
from Toontown, then went back to Fantasyland to watch the fireworks -which
were great, though our view was a little obstructed by some trees. Then
came the snow. Amy was most intrigued with this. It was good, but i was
a little disappointed after experiencing the snow in the MGM backlot last

We enjoyed a nighttime trip on the Storybook
boats, then went on Snow Whites Scary Adventure (there was no line). It
was then 8pm and Amy was starting to winge a bit so we decided to leave.
As soon as we left the park she fell asleep so Kevin and I decided to have
a light dinner at IHOP. We shared a chicken and cheese toasted sandwich,
then went back to our room (some kids screamed on the way back and woke
Amy who then proceeded to cry for quite some time), watched some TV and
went to sleep about 10pm.

Thursday 14th

We were up about 8.30am and drove to South Coast
Plaza – arriving about 10.30am. We wandered though the shops; Amy went
on the carousel, which she loved. Kevin then went off to see a movie. Amy
and I enjoyed lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and shared a delicious Beef
Hot Pot with Mashed Potatoes (I can still taste it), then shopped some
more. We met up with Kevin at 4.30pm only to discover the movie theater
had closed down, so he’d been wandering around by himself the whole time.
kevin took Amy on the carousel again and then we drove home via Ken Krane’s
DVD store (where Kevin spend US$350.00). Back in the room we had BBQ chicken,
watched TV and were in bed by 9pm.

Friday 15th

We were up early this morning for early entry
at Disneyland. We arrived at the gates about 8.15am and entered at 8.30am.
It was weird seeing the park so empty and I wanted to get photos – but
kevin was anxious to get to the rides. We hit Peter Pan, Mr Toad’s Wild
Ride, Pinnochios Adventure, Dumbo and the carousel (Amy’s favourites),
the Tea Cups (Amy wanted “more”, and Alice in Wonderland. It was great
getting all this done with no lines and we left fantasyland about 9.30am.
We then did a baby swap on Space Mountain. I love this ride and we walked
straight on the ride. The park was now officially open so we got a Fast
pass for Indiana Jones and went on the Jungle Cruise. Then Kevin took Amy
up Tarzan’s Treehouse (new since our last visit), then went on Pirates
(a family favourite – Amy wanted “more”. Back to Indy for a baby swap.
I love this ride as well – it’s good fun.

We then had lunch at the Big Thunder BBQ .
I had chicken, Kevin Chicken and Ribs. Both served with beans, cornbread,
corn cob, and coleslaw. Very yummy. We then stopped for Mickey Bars, kevin
had a frozen banana, which we ate while watching the ducks on the river.
Next stop was Critter County. We lined up to see Pooh Bear and when it
was our turn Amy went straight up to Pooh and gave him a big kiss and cuddle.
We hadn’t expected this so we didn’t have the camera or video ready. We
then saw Eeyore, who also got a kiss. Unfortunately Tigger went on a break
before we got to him and Amy went nuts wanting to meet “Tig” so we waited
for his return. It was very busy in this part of the park.

Kevin went on Splash Mountain and got nice
and wet. Then we raced over to fantasyland to see Amaizement but we were
too late and they wouldn’t let us in. Instead we went to Toontown and rode
the Jolly Trolley. Kevin must have been hungry because he bought himself
a pizza. We wandered back to mainstreet to see our photo with Pooh, but
it wasn’t ready yet so we went through the shops and stopped in Gibson’s
Parlour for icecream. Kevin got me a Gibson Grand – which was absolutely
huge and Amy and I only managed about 1/2 to 2/3 of it. It cost US$5.00.
We then went back to pick up our photo, which turned out okay (but when
we got home we discovered the one we took was much better).. we were now
tired and had sore feet so we decide we’ve had enough. We pick up the car
and drive to Beuna Park Mall (it was recommended to Kevin) but was pretty
dumpy so we didn’t hang around. We then drove to Micheal’s so I could get
the Xyron machine I wanted. we had US$60 coupon off, so I only ended up
spending about $200.00 Kevin then went to Circuit City. By now I was absolutely
exhausted so we headed back home to have a spa (which we enjoyed, but it
was pretty cold when we got out). We had leftovers in the room for dinner
and watched the president’s Whitehorse tour on TV. Amy falls asleep about
8pm and we join her about 10pm

Saturday 16th

We were woken up this morning about 6.30am by
Amy singing Twinkle, Twinkle – a lovely way to wake up. So we got up, dressed
and packed our bags. Kevin made a last trip to Ralph’s and we made our
first trip to the Disneyland Hotel about 9.30am. Pretty sad we had so much
stuff it took two trips in the car – my Xyron and Kevin’s telescope take
up a lot of room. Anyway, our room is ready so Amy and I go up while Kevin
goes back for the rest of our stuff. We were in room 2826 which overlooked
the pool area. I was very, very impressed. the room is beautiful and I
love all the disney furniture. Amy and I have a walk around the resort
then go back to the room to wait for Kevin. Poor Kevin, after returning
the car he walked to disneyland, then had to wait over 30mins to catch
the monorail to the resort.

We decided to enjoy lunch at Goofy’s restaurant.
We had to wait about 15mins so I indulged in a Pina Colada. Our lunch was
very yummy and they had plenty of variety – including peanut butter and
jelly pizza (which we didn’t try). Amy really enjoyed the characters –
Goffy, pluto, Chip, Dale, Mad Hatter and Baloo Bear. She gave the characters
a kiss but not a cuddle (which seems to be reserved for Pooh and Tigger).
Amy went up to watch the singing and dancing but didn’t join in.

Back in our wonderful room Kevin decides on
a sleep (after his hard morning who can blame him) but it’s too nice to
a day for me to be indoors so Amy and I go for a swim. They have these
great little safety vests for the kids which meant Amy could swim without
me holding onto her. She thought this was so wonderful. We enjoyed both
the pool and the spa and had lots of fun. After this we checked out the
hotel shops, collected Kevin from the room and decided to go back to DL
again. We caught the monorail over at 5.30pm only to realize we had made
a big mistake – the place was packed. We did manage to get to see Animazement
– which all enjoyed, and Amy danced and clapped). Then we battled the crowds
over the Frontierland (which was even more crowded). We went to the Tiki
room (with no wait). Amy loved it and danced on her seat during the show
– everyone was watching her and not the birds. We wandered through the
shops again, and bought 4 Pooh and friends coffee cups. It was so crowded
we decided to leave and caught the tram back to the hotel. We enjoyed burgers
and chips from Croc’s Bits and Bites – which we ate the in room. They were
delicious. We were in bed about 9.30pm

Sunday 17th

We were up about 8.30am today and had breakfast
in our room (Amy and I had bagels). We caught a taxi to Knotts Berry Farm
and arrived to find out a radio station was fund raising – if you gave
a $10 tou you got a ticket for free entry (which is normally $40). So we
went to souvenier shops an bought $35.00 worth of toys. If was great being
about to save money and help kids at the same time. We were lucky to hear
it announced just as we arrived or we wouldn’t have known about it.

We wandered around – went on the dinosaur
ride – which was pretty sad, then Kevin went on _____ plunge and got very
wet – but he enjoyed this one. Kevin then went on Boomerang and the shot
ride (which he loved). we did a baby swap for Montazooma’s Revenge – i
still love this one. Next we went to Camp Snoopy and Kevin took Amy on
the mexican hat rides (but she wasn’t too sure about this one), then Amy
went in the snoopy bouce house and snoopy’s play house (which she liked).

For lunch we left the park with the intention
of eating Mrs Knotts fried chicken at the resturant, but the line was way
too long so we got takeaway and sat and ate it outside. The chicken, mashed
potatoe, gravy and corn was all delicious. We headed back to the park and
went on the train ride, which Amy really liked, then the carousel (Amy
rode an ostrich). Kevin did the shot ride again, and we got some dipper
dots – these were wonderful -very, very small dots of icecream. Amy
loved them. We tried to get in to the see the ice skating show but we were
too late so we decided to head home. I don’t know I’ll be hurrying back
to KBF. We enjoyed our day but the park has gotten very run down (since
our last trip in 1992).

We caught a taxi back to the hotel and Amy
cried because she didn’t want to go back to the room (as she’s been doing
lately). Later we went to watch the tree lighting ceremony with Goofy and
the carollers – this was really nice and the special disney magic. We then
wached the Fantasy Waters Christmas Show. Amy loved this and danced on
Kevin’s shoulders.

Back at the room we had some hot water delivered
and made noodles for dinner. For desert we had the Knotts apple pie that
came with our lunch. We then watched the Sound of Music 35th anniversay
on TV. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the end of the movie.

Monday 18th

We caught a tram to disneyland and arrive about
8.30am. We grabbed a churro to eat then went to the Haunted Mansion. Amy
wasn’t worried by it at all which was good. We got a fast pass for Pirates
and went to the River Belle Cafe for breakfast – only to find it was closed
(at 8.50am). I wasn’t too impressed since I really wanted to eat there
again. Instead we ended up in tomorrowland for breakfast and it was nice
– just not quite the same atmosphere. Amy and I split from Kevin and he
went off to do Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Amy and i did some shopping,
took some photos on the stationary Dumbo, watched the Sword Ceremony (which
was very cute) and rode the carousel. it’s really nice having to time to
take in and appreciate the little wonders of DL. We met back with Kevin
and went on Pirates. Then we went to the Bear Jamberee – Amy danced away,
then on the Mark Twain Riverboat (which is always nice and relaxing) then
to Aladin and Jasmine’s Storytime (we all enjoyed this – very funny).

Kevin wanted to see the Abe Lincon thing (can’t
remember the name), so Amy and I wandered through the shops and got to
meet Mickey (who had just appeared). She was second in line and went straight
up to him with a kiss and cuddle. it was so sweet.

We were all getting tired and the place more
crowded so we grabbed some lunch at the bakery and caught the tram back
to the DLH about 2.15pm and enjoyed lunch in our room. It was such a beautful
day I wanted to enjoy the pool. Amy had a ball and loved being able to
swim unaided (with the little vest on). It was bit cool in the pool so
we spent most of the time in the spa.

We went back to the room and changed so I
could take Amy to Cinderella’s storytime. They told Golidlick and the bears
and it was sooo funny. I just loved the guy who played goldilocks. I enjoyed
this way more than Amy, who was probably a bit young. I took in some hot
chocolates to enjoy in our room – they were very yummy. Amy fell asleep
about 5.30pm. Kevin and i enjoyed milk and cookies in bed for dinner, watched
TV and went to sleep about 8pm.

Tuesday 19th

We woke up early this morning at 6.45am and arrived
at DL about 7.30am. Early entry was a 6.30am so we missed that but it was
still pretty quite and we were able to walk onto rides without waiting.
We went on Dumbo, Tea cups, than a Small World – we a boat to ourselves.
Amy loved it and wanted to go again so we rode twice in a row. We then
went to Toontown and Mickey outside his house. Amy wouldn’t give him a
kiss or cuddle today. I think this was because we had to wait for him and
he approached her, rather than her approaching him. Still we got some photos.
Next was Casey Jr Train which was a first for us and rather fun. Then Amy
and I went on the carousel yet again before catching the train to New Orleans
Square where we finally got to have breakfast at the River Belle Terrace.
We enjoyed potatoes and pancakes sitting in the sun. I wanted to go on
Indy again but Kevin didn’t so he took Amy on the jungle cruise again while
I rode Indy. I went as a single rider this time which was much quicker
than the baby swap (even if you are doing a baby swap it’s probably best
just to ask for a single rider pass and you zoom right through the line
rather than just most of it).

We then did a final browse through the main
street shops before saying goodbye to DL for this trip. We were back at
the hotel about 11.30am. Kevin was tired and wanted to have a nap so Amy
and I left him to it and headed for the pool to take advantage of the beautiful
weather (it was unseasonalbly warm). We had a swim in the pool and then
ate lunch poolside. We shared the most beautiful chefs salad. We then went
in the spa and lazed away some more. It was a wonderful relaxing last afternoon
of our trip and one of my most treasured memories. We did some more shopping
in the hotel shops, then went back to the room about 4pm.

We decided on having our last dinner at Goofy’s
Restaurant again and this time got our picture taking with Minnie before
going in. We had to wait about 30mins for a table and Amy made friends
with an older girl who gave her a plastic necklace – which Amy loved so
much she even went to sleep with it on. We had a nice dinner and were back
in our room and asleep about 8.30pm.