2nd Pregnancy Diary

Libby’s Pregnancy Diary

Libby’s Pregnancy

NOTE: Please only read if you interested
in hearing what pregnancy is really like.

1st Trimester

Wednesday 24th JANUARY.

My periods are now two weeks overdue
(I took a home pregnancy last week but it was negative) and when my breasts
started to feel tender yesterday I thought I’d take another test. But I
already knew the answer

– I’m pregnant. I’m so happy
and relieved that I feel pregnant (when I had the miscarriage I never felt
pregnant). We beleive the baby is due about the 21st September, which means
I’m already 6 weeks pregnant. I

told Kevin when he came home
from work and he’s pleased too. We’d be hoping we’d get pregnant soon.
Amy will be 2 1/2 when the baby arrives so that will be a nice gap between
them, and she’s right into dollies

now so she should really enjoy
having a real life doll to play with. I rang mum and told her once I’d
told Kevin and she was thrilled. So was Dad when I told him later tonight.

Thursday 25th Jan

Went to the doctors today and
had the pregnancy confirmed. My home pregnancy test line was very faint
but this was very definite. I’ve got an appointment to see Dr Watson on
Monday. It will be good to find out

when everything will happen.
I believe I’ll have to be on blood thinner for the whole second and third
trimester, now that we know I have the mutant blood clot (Factor 5) gene.
I’m not looking forward to that but it’s better

than having another blood clot.
I really missed enjoying Amy as a little baby. It’s hard to believe I have
another little person growing inside me – currently they are 4mm long.

I bought two pregnancy magazines
today and have been looking through them. I’d forgotten all the foods you
can’t have – like store bought mayonnaise and such. Luckily I’ve kept drinking
caffine-free tea since I

like it so much. We were going
to go out tonight to celebrate but since a storm seems to be on the way
we thought we’d best stay home with Sam – so we bought in take-away Chinese
(choosing low-fat foods of course).

I’m still going to keep going
to Weight Watchers and I hope to still lose a bit of weight before I start
gaining it back again. I gained today but I think it must be hormonal because
I’d eaten good all week.

Friday 26th

I was just reading over my pregnancy
diary with Amy and it was funny to see my ideas on things – like how I
thought I would work 2 days and write on the other days – yeah right!.
I did work one day a week but

I’ve given that up this year
and my days are so full I don’t have any time for writing (mind you I did
take up Scrapbooking last March). I’m hoping I don’t suffer from tiredness
too much though all the mums at

Nursing Mothers complained about
it, especially with a toddler to look after. Looks like I might need to
look at changing our routine around a bit so I can have some rest
time (don’t get very much at the moment).

I’m also about to start my training
with Nursing Mothers to become a counsellor and I’d like to be qualifed
before this baby arrives, so I’ll need to get a move on with that. Looks
like it’s going to be a very busy

8 months – which is good in
a way because it’ll go past quicker.

28th Jan, 01

Still feeling pregnant – every
morning when I wake up I check to make sure my breasts are still tender.
I bought my first baby thing today – a light sleeping suit – I got blue
so it’s suitable for girl or boy. We’ve

gradually been telling all our
friends – everyone is excited for us. Already got in trouble off Kevin
for ordering a diet coke (just a habit) – I forgot about the caffeine in
it. I got all Amy’s baby clothes from mum’s today and went through them.
She only has a couple of summer outfits so even if it is another girl I’ll
still have to buy new clothes – what a shame :-).

29th Jan

Went to see Dr Watson today
– no problems. He wants me to see Dr Davis (my OB) and Dr Cartwright (blood
clot specialist) in early March. I’ve been a bit teary today which is the
only other symptom I’ve had. Not

terribly more tired than normal
but I think I’m a lot fitter now than I was with my first pregnancy so
hopefully it won’t hit me quite as bad (at least it the early months).
I can always remember coming home from

work at 4.30pm, having a bath
and being in my PJs by 5pm lying in the front of the TV (probably when
I was about 2-3 along).

Monday 12th Feb

Just got back from a weekend
in Surfers with Leanne, Noel and baby Sarah. Had a great time. Watching
Sarah it’s hard not to get excited about having another baby. Amy already
knows mummy has a baby in her

tummy – she pointed to my stomach
and said baby to a lady in a shop on Wednesday. I didn’t think she knew.
Still feeling great, though I am tired by the end of the day and seem to
have a lot of trouble getting

going in the morning. Went and
bought a new stoller this afternoon. I got a jogger and toddler

seat so I can take Amy and new
baby for a walk. When we go shopping and stuff I probably won’t worry as
Amy already prefers to walk everywhere but when I want to get some exercise
I’ll need to able to move faster.

Wed 14th Feb

Didn’t do anything to celebrate
valentine’s day – though I did make Kev some choc strawberries. Still a
bit tired, the humidity is probably not helping. Went for a walk this morning
– the new stroller is great – so

effortless to push over the
grass. I wish I’d gotton one a long time ago. Also spent over a hour weeding
and pruning the front garden since it was overcast and not quite as hot
as other day. I’m pretty tired

tonight now. Don’t know how
I’d manage to do it when my stomach gets firm.

Friday 23rd Feb

We had our first appointment
with Dr Davis today. So far everything is okay. He wants me to go and have
a dating ultrasound to confirm my due date because with having to be on
blood thinners they need to know exactly when the baby should be born.
He didn’t say whether I’d have to have a cesarean or not but Kevin and
I think he’ll probably suggest it. He just said that the chances of having
another emergency cesar where high, even though there is no reason for
it that it what studies show. I go to see him again after seeing Dr Cartright
– the blood specialist.

2nd March

Went for my dating ultrasound
today. Since I’m so early in the pregnancy the lady did a vaginal scan
and I got a great view. The baby actually looked like a baby (different
from Amy’s scans when she was older). She

dated the baby between 10 and
11 weeks. I think one measurement showed 9 weeks, 3 days and another 9
weeks, 6 days. I don’t know if this is good enough for Dr Davis or not.
The baby was moving all over the place –

legs and arms moving – it was
so cute – almost looked as though it was dancing. It was very moving and
amazing to see the little thing so alive. I wish Kev could have been with
me. I did get two photos to take

home though so it least he could
see the baby, which is now 3.8cms long.

4th March

Have enjoyed Amy’s birthday.
On Saturday mum had an afternoon tea for all the family and everyone was
asking how I was and about my pregnancy. Took Amy and a few of her friends
from play group to Symbio animal park today and had a good time. This afternoon
we had a relax which was very nice. We don’t seem to home much on the weekends
lately and I’m still feeling pretty tired.

Thursday 8th March

Went to see Dr Cartright today.
She’s suggesting we start on blood thinner between 27 and 30 weeks which
was good news to me since I thought I might have to take them for the whole
2nd and 3rd trimester. I’ll also be on Warfrin for 5 weeks post-partam.
She was really nice and answered all our questions. We go back to see her
in June and to also have lesson on giving the injections. Kevin has always
done them in the past but I thought I’d better learn as well.

Thurs 15th March

Well, I finally ordered some
maternity clothes the other day and they were waiting for me when I got
home. I really happy with what was sent, but I’m only keeping 5 out of
9 nine items. I’m so hoping I look a bit more pregnant with this baby.
Already about half of my clothes are too tight to wear, especially pants
with buttton and zippers, and some tops that were a bit more fitted.
Can’t believe the first trimester is already over, it seems to have gone
very fast.

2nd Trimester

Monday 19th March

The weather has been a bit cooler
the last few days which has been wonderful. Even walking has become plesant
again. Whenever I’m hanging clothes out I remember back to hanging out
Amy’s little baby clothes when she was just born. With Amy’s recent birthday
I’ve been remenising a lot and looking at her baby photos and thinking
soon I’ll have another little baby to hold in my arms.

Tuesday 20th March

Saw Dr Davis today. Everything
is well. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to pick up baby’s heartbeat but could
hear him/her moving around. I was offered an ultrasound but didn’t worry
since I’d had one a few weeks ago and felt sure everything was fine. Amy
slept the whole time I was there and just woke up as we were leaving.

Thursday 19th April

Not been much to write lately.
Went to see Dr Davis again today and everything is okay. Heard baby’s heartrate
which was great. I go to have my ultrasound in a week and a half – hope
baby co-operates so we can find out the sex.

Friday 27th April

I’ve really been feeling the
baby kick the last few night when I’m lying in bed – it’s a great feeling.
My friend Sue is past her due date and should have her baby by next Thursday
at the latest. Thought I might be feeling jealous but I’m not, just happy
for her. I’m enjoying this pregnancy and this extra time alone with Amy.
Yesterday I booked our next overseas trip – to Disneyworld and a cruise.
I’m going to take the kids to Disneyworld on my own (the baby will be 4.5
months, Amy nearly 3) and Kev will meet us there and join us on the cruise.
It’s going to be an effort on my own, especially the flights but Amy is
such a little helper and if the baby is as good as Amy was there shouldn’t
be any problems.

Tuesday 1st May

Well we still don’t know the
sex of the baby. I’m not too upset because I said all along we’d like to
find out if the baby co-operated, which of course, he/she decided not to.
Everything was good except my amniotic

fluid is at the low end of normal.
It’s still in the normal range so she said I’d hear from Dr Davis only
if he was concerned. It was great seeing the baby moving around. At one
point it was scratching its nose and later on the technician said the baby
was very flexible cause it had it’s foot over the back of its head – looked
pretty funny too. I bought home the video to show Kevin.

Thursday3rd May

Went to visit Sue in the hospital
this afternoon. She had a little boy name Max and this time a natural delivery.
She looked great and was already up and around not even 24 hours after
delivery. Makes me

keener to try for a natural
birth but I guess we have to see how my pregnancy progresses.

Tuesday 15th May

Well, I don’t seem to be doing
a very good job of this diary but really not much has been happening. Lately
baby is moving more and more and I feel him/her nearly every night know.
Actually it’s currently having

a little party which made me
think about writing in my diary. I’ve really popped out now and around
my waist is really hard. Kevin gave me a hug yesterday and said wow, you’re
all baby. I guess cause I look

pretty much the same size we
forget how much harder my stomach now is. I go to see Dr Davis on Thursday
so it’ll be interesting to see what he says about the low amniotic fluid
and the possibility of having another

ultra sound. We have pretty
much decided on a girls name but are still totally stumped for boys names.

Thursday 17th May

Dr Davis is not at all worried
abou the low fluid level. Besides an amnio (which he feels to too risky)
I can only have a blood test to check for a virus. The best news is I’ll
have to have another ultrasound to check the fluid level – let’s just hope
the baby co-operates that time. Don’t know when it will be yet. Everything
else was okay.

Monday 28th May

I’ve been really sick this last
week – first with a cold, then with a sinus infection (which was absolutely
horrid). Kevin was overseas for 4 days so Amy and I ended up staying at
Mum and Dad’s over the weekend so they could look after Amy. Thankgoodness
I finally feeling better today, but still not 100%.

Monday 4th June

Had a really great weekend.
It was my 30th birthday yesterday but on Friday night Kevin and I enjoyed
a night in Sydney (with no Amy), then went to see Cirque de Soliel on Saturday.
We had a really wonderful time and though we talked about Amy a lot it
was nice just being to two of us for a change. The baby is still very active
and often if I walk around too much get’s into a really uncomfortable position.
I’m still sleeping pretty well, at least until about 5am, then I seem to
toss and turn. We’ve decided on a girls name but still have nothing for
a boy.

Sunday 24th June

Just back from a wonderful weeks
holiday in Carins with Amy, Mum and Dad (Kevin had to do Uni exams). Had
a fantastic time and having mum and dad there meant I actually got to have
a rest and relax as well. I certainly did not want to come home. I’m finding
walking increasingly uncomfortable and wonder how much longer I’ll be able
to keep doing it as my main form of exercise. I’m getting a sore back at
night am having trouble with my pillow as well.

2nd Trimester

Thursday 28th June

Went to see Dr Cartwright again
today and we’ve decided I’ll start on blood thinners at about 32 weeks
– so at the end of July. I’m quite happy with that. My siatic pain in my
buttock has come back again with a vengence now I’m home and busy again.
On days I don’t do much it’s fine but there aren’t too many of those days
around here with a busy toddler. Had my nursing mothers training meeting
this afternoon and there were two little babies there – can’t believe in
just 3 month I should have one of my own.

Monday 2nd July

Had my blood glucose test this
morning – should get the result on Thursday when I see Dr Davis again.
Baby is still as active as ever. Went down to our new caravan on the weekend
which was nice and relaxing (will be much better in the summer when we
can swim). Got a new pillow on Friday and it is heaps better (was $50 so
I would hope so). And if I sleep with a pillow between my legs I don’t
get too sore a back until the early morning. I should dig out my body pilow
and give that a try again.

Thursday 5th July

My result were good and my iron
level was even high (I wandered if it might be low because I’ve been so
tired). I also asked Dr Davis about what kind of labour I might have and
he said I’d have an ultrasound near to my due date and if everything was
okay, probably an induced trial labour. When I got home I wondered if I’d
caught him off guard with my question because last time we discussed it
he suggested with one emergency ceasar I’d be likely to have another one.
This I definitely don’t want, especially with a general. I say I’ll go
with whatever he recommends but deep down I think I’m hoping he’ll just
say a planned ceasar, then that will be that. At least I’ll know what to
expect. Everyone I’ve spoken to says a planned ceasar is just so different
from an emergency one and that you tend to be up and about very quickly
(which is mainly what I was worried about which having to look after Amy).

I had a really bad ligament
pain at the top of my left leg today and it was very painful to walk. Luckily
it seems to have gone away now.

Sunday 8th July

Had Len and Karen over for dinner
last night. They are expected twins in Nov/Dec and are very excited. I’m
excited for them too, but am glad I’m having just the one. This one is
active enough – i can’t imagine having two inside me. I think I had some
braxton hicks contractions on Friday night for the first time.

Monday 6th August

Not much to report on in the
last month. Baby is still very active and I’ve been experiencing more braxton
hicks. Once Kevin was feeling my stomach and was suprised at how regular
the movement was. I’ve since read that baby’s hiccups have become more
common now as the baby is practicing his/her swollowing so i think that
is what the regular bumps are – I get them usually once a day. I’m getting
anxious now to know what type of delivery I’ll be having and when – since
it’s probably going to be an induced labour or planned caesar. I’ve been
doing more research to aid in my decision making. I see Dr Davis tomorrow
so maybe I’ll find out some more info. I’ve dug out the baby blankets/linen/toys
in the last week and am gradually getting everything washed. I’ll need
a few light blankets and wraps and a few toys (not needed but some of Amy’s
favourites are pretty had it). I find I’m talking to Amy more about the
baby now but I’m not sure if she still understands (though she’s been taking
her doll, Alice, with her everywhere and being a real little mummy). This
poor next child is going to have 2 mothers :-).

Tuesday 7th August

The good news is Dr Davis wants
me to have another ultrasound next week – let’s just hope the baby co-operates
this time. Otherwise everything is good and we’ll make a delivery decision
at about the 38-39 week mark when we see how the baby is doing.

Sunday 12th August

It’s hard to believe in 4-5
weeks my baby will be making it’s arrival. Can’t wait to the ultrasound
tomorrow. I’m trying not to get too excited but it’s going to be very dissapointing
if we don’t find out the sex. On Friday mum, Amy and I went to the baby
shop and I got a new change table (a really nice one that can used to toy
storage when the baby is older), a new nappy bag(this must be about my
6th one but my original big one has fallen apart a bit), a new carry bed
(Amy’s one is a bit ripped and we’ll leave it at the caravan), and a shade-a-bub
for UV protection in the summer. Kevin assembled the change table and I’ve
already started to stock it with the baby’s things. I’m starting to think
more about when the baby arrives now – funnily enough I was more focused
on the labour with Amy – this time I’m just thinking about life after the
baby arrives.

Tuesday 14th August

Well, this time baby had it’s
legs crossed at the ultrasound so we still don’t know what we’re having.
But most important is baby is doing really well. Currently weighs about
6 pounds and has long legs (just like Amy did). So now we have to get serious
about chosing a boys name.

Tuesday 21st August

First weekly appointment with
Dr Davis. He’s very happy with how everything is going. My blood pressure
was up a little bit this week but nothing to be worried about. At this
stage it looks like I’ll be able to be induced at the end of 38 weeks.

Tuesday 28th August

Okay we know have some firm
dates. Either the 11th Sept for an induction (if baby engages within the
next week) or a planned caesar on the 13th. A friend informed me that most
subsequent babies don’t engage until the last minute before labour, suggesting
I’ll most likely be having a c-section. I really don’t care any more. My
blood pressure was back down again this week which was good.

Sunday 2nd September

During the week I set up the
pram ready for the baby and Amy spent over an hour in it pretending to
the be the baby. Then on Thursday when mum and I went shopping she had
to be in the stroller with the back down – again pretending to be a baby.
So yesterday kevin and I went and bought a double stroller, so it’ll make
Amy feel more included and not like everything is just for the new baby.
I figure all four prams will get used for different things and at different

I’ve got a really bad cold at
the moment (from the ABA training conference last weekend) so feel pretty
crappy. Plus the baby is getting very heavy now. I never felt sick of being
pregnant with Amy, but I am with this one – probably cause I still have
to pick up after Amy and don’t get any real good rest time. Considering
how much of a helper is I don’t know how most people manage.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting
to see what the news is on Tuesday.