Lazy Sunday

We’ve had a VERY lazy day – cold, wet, windy weather didn’t inspire my energy so I’ve pretty much pottered around the house. Spent time reading e-mail, reading some of my fav websites, going through our old home movies (Kevin is trying to get them all on our server so I can watch them when I want), baked a brownie slice, tried to tidy up a little (not that you’d think so now). Kevin went into the office so the girls and I enjoyed takeawy for lunch – was a great day for a hot chip sandwich. This afternoon I’ve done a bit of scrapbooking and started re-organising things in the scrapbook room. Will be a good project for the week ahead with being home more and a scrapbook weekend away coming up.
Another thing I need to work on this week is less takeaway – I think we had it 3 times in the last week, plus went out once. Naughty I know. I LOVE cooking but have been feeling very lazy come time to make dinner. Plus my heal spurs are often mucking up by that time. Well, no excuse this week – I can make dinner earlier and just reheat it when it’s time.