It's the weekend

Well, thank goodness it’s the weekend again. It’s been a funny last few days. Amy was home from school on Thursday with a 24hr stomach bug so instead of our usual busy day we were home ALL day. I got a few jobs done in the kitchen, made soup, cookies and veggie pie for dinner, did a little scrapbooking, and played some games with the kids. It was actually a very nice day (for me, not for Amy). Yesterday I did Pump at the gym, then went to the doctors were I had the steroid injection for my heel spurs. She said it will take a few days to come into effect. I so hope it works – I just want to be able to walk without pain – not too much to ask I don’t think. Today the pain is not as sharp but it’s uncomfortable to walk. Took Christy to upslide down for a play and lunch. After school the girls went to a friends to play and I sat and read my book for book group today. It’s been a LONG time since I just sat and read in the afternoon and it was SOOO nice. Made veggie korma and cous cous for dinner.
Today is my book group and Kevin is supposed to be home to look after the girls. But he’s got lots of work to do so I’ve had to call on Mum and Dad. Lucky they will be home but I don’t get to go to the gym – didn’t want to ask Mum to have them then as well. So I’m a little miffed. Will go and get dressed and try to do a bit of a tidy up around the house – especially the scrapbook room.