School holidays so far

Okay a quick run down of the school holidays so far.
On Saturday 1st we went to a friends 10th Wedding Anniversary party. It was lots of fun – some of the girls wore their wedding dresses. There was kareoke and lots of laughs. Kevin took lots of great photos.
Sunday we had lunch at another friends. The kids all played well and we had a nice, relaxing afternoon, complete with a delicious vegetarian meal just for me.
Monday was gym, cleaning the house and taking the girls for a bike ride (oh, it is sooo good being able to walk for exercise again).
Tuesday – gym, playgroup and groceries.
Wednesday – Christy at preschool, Amy & I did the gym, had lunch at with Nanny then Amy had a craft lesson of the local scrapbook store – she made a lovely door hanger. After preschool we fed some ducks and walked home (Amy rode her new bike we bought on the weekend).
Thurs (today) – gym, Amy had cheerleading practice from 1-5pm – Christy went to a play center and we did some shopping. Got Christy some nice summer clothers – yes, I know it’s still the middle of winter…. Went over an gave mum and pedicure and the girls stayed for dinner.

Tomorrow – gym and probably another bike ride.

I’m really enjoying

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