Another week has gone by

Oh dear – yet another week has gone by since I updated here. Guess that’s what happens during school holidays. I honestly don’t seem to get anything much done.
Lets see – Thursday – gym in morning: Amy to cheerleading and Christy to play center in afternoon
Friday – gym and to ride and play at park
Saturday – gym and took the girls to Fox Studios – had a great day out (Kevin had to work)
Sunday – planned to have friends for lunch but Amy was sick and slept all day. Just pottered around house doing nothing much at all – did make some birthday and thankyou cards
Monday – gym and met up with friends for girls to ride their bikes
Tuesday – gym, not much else, Amy having friend over for first sleepover.

So, there went another week.

I’m trying to book some accomodation in Jindabyne so we can take the girls down to see the snow. Also need to book Murramarang for the next school hols.