It's been a while

Well, it’s been a while since I updated my blog because something was wrong with the program I’m using and I had to wait for Kevin to fix it.
Don’t think anything very exciting has happened – though Amy’s cheerleading team did win first place in both the poms and cheer at the State Titles in Sydney. She was pretty pleased with herself, as she should be. I also got to see Pirates of the Carribean II. I loved it, but not quite as much as the first one (which is probably my favourite movie of all time). I think it just wasn’t as new and fresh as the first one, plus there wasn’t as much romance. I can’t wait to go on the improved ride at Disneyland – it has Captain Jack and Barbosa in it now and other referrences to the first movie.
We’re back into the school routine again – I much prefer the holidays.