Monday or Tuesday

Not sure whether it’s Monday night or Tuesday morning – technically it’s 4.30am Tues. Couldn’t sleep so got up to play on computer. Chirsty is still unwell – she was sick on Sunday and still today. Took her to the doctors but she said it’s just a virus and give her lots of fluids. She’s spent the day watching TV or asleep. Poor little thing – she’s feeling so miserable. Hopefully she’ll feel better in the morning but the doctor did say most people are suffering for at least 3 days. With her not doing much, I just got stuck into doing the Weekly Home Blessing like I normally do on Mondays (that’s cleaning the house for those of you not familiar with Flylady (
Amy was pretty excited tonight when Kevin bought home a full size plastic skeleton. He bought it for educational purposes but Amy already has plans for Halloween. He wants to leave it in the loungeroom but you can imagine what I said to that.
Anyway, before I head back to bed, I’m going to try posting a recent picture of the girls. Okay, couldn’t do that so here’s a photo of Disneyland in 1992.