Wednesday evening

Poor Christy is still sleeping. She has spent all day on the lounge either sleeping or watching TV – actually she’s been there or in bed the last 3 days. Amy is now not feeling well – but after a bath was feeling well enough to have some veggie soup and bread for dinner. Hopefully it won’t come to anything more. And Mum is sick in bed – she’s been looking after Christy while I’ve taken Amy to school and picked her up.
Had Amy’s parent teacher interview this afternoon and she had a glowing report as expected – though she does talk to her best friend Emerson a bit much.
I had a nice afternoon sorting through all the all photos – from 71 to 90 (from 91 onwards is already scrapbooked). I lot of photos I didn’t have dates so just had to guess. It’s been a big job and now I have the fun of scrapbooking them – won’t do much with most of the them as the photos aren’t great quality and a lot are that little square size.
Anyway, Kevin is home from work so I’m going to get off the computer (plus my back is killing me – I am so not used to sitting down all day).

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