Wednesday Morning

Well, poor Christy is still unwell. She did manage some toast for lunch yesterday but nothing since. I spent yesterday pottering around the house, not doing much, though I did get the groceries and washed the car when Amy was at dance lessons. Today I rode to school with Amy. It took me 15mins there and back so was good to get in a bit of cardio. I’ll ride back this afternoon for my parent-teacher interview and to come home with her. It seems funny not having been to the gym since last Friday. I’m going to be for a hell of a workout when I get back there. I’ve got some cookies in the oven and the clothes in the washing. Today I’m going to try and finish organising my old photos. It’s been a real trip down memory lane looking at them and reading my old diaries. I’ve even got an entry on the day I first met Kevin – 11th March, 1983 – I was just 12 at the time.