Better at last

Well, thankfully Christy is finally a lot better. Amy went to school yesterday and Christy was actually interested in playing with her toys and eating a little more food. I cleaned the kitchen – boy does it look good – and did a few other jobs. Before lunch Christy and I played Guess Who and Uno and we did a bit of scrapbooking before walking up to the school to pick up Amy. It was drizzling but we missed the heavy rain so that was good.
The girls had a party to go up in Sydney in the afternoon/evening and since they were both feeling better we went. Again, we seemed to only get a bit of really heavy rain. Amy had a great time and Christy did okay for 1.5hrs then wanted to go home. After not doing anything all week, it will probably take her awhile to get her energy levels back up. We got McDonalds to have for tea on the way home, but Christy fell asleep before eating many of her fries. Amy also fell asleep. We got home about 8.30pm, put the girls to bed, then I went to bed to finish a book.
When I was awake last night I was thinking about how much better I’m feeling
about everything. So much so that I’m even looking forward to hosting
Christy’s birthday party at home next month (when back in March
I couldn’t
cope with the thought of having one at home for Amy). When we moved when
planned on doing lots of entertaining and while we’ve been having more
friends over for lunch we haven’t as yet had a party. I proposed we have a
Halloween party (it will also mark the one year mark we moved in). He said
yes, so the kids and I are all pretty excited about that. And we’ll be able
to use the full size plastic skeleton that
dh came home with the other day.
It’s now Saturday morning and wet and cold outside. Christy is still sleeping and I’m headed to the gym. I’m not feeling all that great so might just do upper body weights and come home. If I feel okay I’ll do some cardio as well. Can’t believe I haven’t been for 7 whole day. I know I will be sore tomorrow.