Spring is here

Well, Spring is here – though a little early and some of my trees haven’t yet lost all their leaves. This week has seen glorious weather and the girls and I have been taking full advantage by riding to and from school. It has also meant I had to go shopping for new sandles and some 3/4 lenght pants. Christy and I did that today. I got two pairs of sandles from Kumfs – both same colour but different styles. Christy also got her Summer sandles, and I got some new clothes and nail polish. We had a nice time out.
Unfortunately I jumped on my foot that other day (when I became unbalanced on my bike) and my heal spur has been sore ever since. If it’s still sore after the weekend I’ll go back and see Dr Moss and get another injection.
Christy has had fun giving out all her birthday invitations and is really looking forward to her big day. Amy changed her swimming day to Tuesday. She didn’t like her repleacement teacher but seems happy with Jack, her new teacher. Don’t know if she just prefers male swimming teachers or she had a personality class with the other one. It means a big day now on Tueday – Dancing drom 4- 4.45, then swimming from 5-5.30pm but it means today, Thurs, we only have cheerleading.
Kevin and I are off to see Vareki tomorrow afternoon (I made the mistake of booking for Fri afternoon instead of Sat afternoon) and we are staying overnight at the Novotel Darling Harbour. Should be nice – it’s been ages since we’ve had a weekend away.
I’m off now to work some more on my Pirates of the Carribean jig saw – I WILL finish it one day (started at the beginning of July)