My Wonderful Weekend

On Friday afternoon Kevin & I headed up to Sydney (without the kids) to see Cirque de Soliel’s Varekai. Now can I say to describe it – amazing, wonderful, brilliant, innovative, jaw-dropping, inspiring, colourful, moving, and most of all breathtaking acts of human abilities. Words really cannot describe it’s brilliance. This is the forth show we’ve seen and everytime I’m reminded that the human animal is really the most talented of them all and we certainly don’t need to see exotic animials perform unnatural tricks (we refuse to go to those ones). After the show we grabbed some dinner at Fox Studios and headed over to the Novotel Darling Harbour where we spend the night. We watched a movie and enjoyed our harbour view. On Saturday morning we had a buffet breakfast then caught the monorail around to the city. I had wanted to buy a book on Disneyland but couldn’t get one (will need to order it from Amazon). We also got some Mrs Fields cookies – yum. I did buy another book – Feeding Vegetarian Kids and Kevin bought Amy Walking with Dinosaurs -since she’s been watching the DVDs.
We then drove to Miranda – did some more shopping, had some lunch, and went and saw Miami Vice. It was okay, though a little hard to follow and they didn’t play the theme music (not even in the credits). But Colin Farrel made up for it. We arrived home around 5pm. It was nice to see the kids again but we’d had such a nice time just the two of us. We had a spa, some dinner, then watched the behind the scenes of Verakai – watched half the episodes as it hooked us in.
Today became a bit of a workday but I feel good about what I achieved. Kevin went up to Sydney to test drive some scooters. Spent quite a bit of time out in the garden – planting new veggies and spraying all our organic fertilizers, etc. Oh, and I finally finished the Captain Jack Sparrow jigsaw I’ve been working on since the beginning of July. It was the most challenging puzzle I’ve done but I finsihed it.
Can’t believe we’re off to the snow in just 2 weeks – will need to get the girls clothes organised next weekend. Seems funny when it’s been so warm here and Kevin just put the solar heater back on the pool.

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