Overdue update

Well, it’s been a while since I updated. Life moving along pretty swiftly. Had a nice weekend. On Saturday I went for a bike ride in the morning, got some fruit & veg, pottered a bit, then had my book group in the afternoon. Kevin (with the girls help) made another veggie garden. Poor thing, he was so exhausted. I would never have asked him to do it on his own. A friend was supposed to help but didn’t and Dad was out for the afternoon, and so was I. It looks great and I feel very loved that he made it for me. So of course, Sunday was spent buying seedling for the garden, then planting them in the afternoon. The girls also got fitted for their snow suits – they look so cute – and we had lunch at Chili’s. We finished off with a spa – looking out at the new veggie garden. It was a really nice weekend.
This week has been going as normal – except Amy has a cough and has been waking me up at 5am with her coughing. So I’m feeling pretty tired. Getting everything organised for the snow trip – we leave Friday morning. Then we’ve got Christy’s party the next weekend so it’s pretty busy around here. I’m off now to do some scrapbooking while Christy is at preschool.