Living life to the fullest

Now I have to admist I’m not a huge Steve Irwin fan but I liked the guy and admired the work he does prompting animal welfare, so I was very sad to hear that he died yesterday from a stringray (cardiac arrest). Not a very common diving-related death. It makes you realize just how quickly a life can be extinguished – I mean yesterday morning he would just have been getting ready for work and today he is no more. I really feel for his kids – they just 8 and 3. It certainly makes you think though – you never know when your time is up so you really have to live life to the fullest. At least Steve Irwin certainly did – I’m sure he would have had no regreats except not spending more years with his wife and kids. Every day he did something he loved and certainly lived a full, rich life. I wonder how many of us could say the same?
I think I would be reasonably satisified with my life but I know there are still things on my life to-do list. Guess I should think some more about getting them done.