Mood swings and simple living

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching over the last few days. For some
reason I’m not “happy” with
life. I’ve been spending out of control the last
few weeks (though luckily I have enough money in our savings account to cover
it and it’s not stupid stuff just not essential stuff). But I do have a problem and am obviously
shopping to fulfill a need. One website I’ve found great has
been <> . There is a
forum called ENOUGH and that’s been just what I’ve needed. I’ve made a list
of everything I have enough of and some ways to not add to it. I’ve
also made a list of things I need to do to simply my life and this week
I will be focusing on those things around the house. We had friends
for lunch yesterday so the house got a little clean so I won’t do the
WHB today and will get started on my simple living list. I also think I
have a problem with mood swings and lethargy and I think sugar might be
to blame so I’m going to try eliminating sugar from my diet as much
as possible.

I’m challenging myself to a no shop week (except