Day 1 complete

Well, I am happy to report that I manage to have no extra sugar yesterday. A few people questioned what I meant by giving up sugar so I thought I should clarify. I will still eat natural sugars and small amounts in foods. The main focus is giving up sugary foods like cake, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Another rule I read somewhere was to avoid any food with sugar in the first 4 ingredients. At this stage I am also avoid artificial sweetners (farewell my beloved Diet Coke) but may introduce them later. I am not even sure I will stay sugar free forever – my goal is the end of November. Hopefully by then I will be past cravings and enjoying the new way I feel. I am hoping this will be like when I became a vegetarian 2 years ago. Then I said I might eat meat occassionally – but I never have. I gave up meat surely I can give up sugar – one is bad for animals, one is bad for my health – both are just as important.
As for my no spend challenge – it’s going okay. Christy wanted her normal cheese rolls from Bakers Delight so I had to withdraw cash for that. Then Amy lost her swimming goggles so I had to buy her some new ones. I also bought some chips at swimming lessons for Christy and I to share. But other than that – and really only the chips were extras – all is good and the cash is staying in my wallet.

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