Advice – Do not go to "Sugar Fix"

when you’re trying to reduce sugar consumption and money spending……. Hmmm…. it all went out the window today. Amy needed some moulding clay for a school project (she has to make a model of the solar system) and the only place i knew I could get it was at Miranda. So Christy and I went there today. I set off with the best of intentions – even packed my own snacks. I did okay until I got upset by a saleslady – probably not her fault but I must be emotional today. Then that was it – I decided to go to sugar fix. This store has stuff from the USA and UK and since I don’t go very often (I refuse to visit the website – that would be deadly) so I tend to stock up a bit. Today I bought some christmas presents and a few things for the family to share. Didn’t do too badly with the spending money – most was christmas presents – but I did buy some sheet for Amy (could have waited but scared the line is discontinued and this matches her new quilt cover) and a christmas bear for Christy. Another bear you might say? I know it seems a waste but it was only $10 and she was very well behaved. I know i’ll be donating it before long so I just looked at it like a charity donation.