River Cottage

Kevin and I have been watching the UK series River Cottage www.rivercottage.net . Great show. Hugh’s main purpose is trying to educate people about where food comes from – he breeds his own animals for slaughter and while I still don’t believe we need to kill animals for food, I think his message is something that everyone who eats meat should here. The show we watched last night was called River Cottage Treatment and he has 6 chicken eaters come live at his farm – he shows them how his chooks live then takes them to a battery farm (where the chooks can barely walk – some can’t), an organic farm and a free range farm. By the end of the show even the hardest case is convinced to buy free-range or organic chicken. And it took the death of one of his own chicken to convince her that the animal that died for her dinner deserved a decent and humane life.

On a personal note the whole sugar thing has gone out the window but it’s something I still want to persue. At the moment I’m really concetrating on getting the house organised and under control. OUr veggie garden is growing really well – probably due to the “bit” of rain we’ve had the last few weeks and our chooks just keep on growing. Still trying to work out how to post a picture. They are just the cutest girls.

Another website I’m enjoying exploring is http://www.happyfoody.blogspot.com/