Time to say goodbye to Sam

Well, today we decided it was time to say goodbye to Sam. Over the last week his health has rapidly declined and we’ve been constantly saying “poor, old Sam”. He looked miserable and his stomach terribly swollen. It wasn’t an easy decision to reach but it was awful knowing he suffered and each day was worse than the one before. He had trouble walking, could only get up off the floor without aid sometimes, and had even gone off his food – though he did enjoy some chocolate today. He really has had the best life. We got him from death row at the pound when he was only 4 months old and has been a full member of the family – going to Nan’s for babysitting when I worked, sleeping in our bedroom and having full run of the house. Holidays were planned for, and around, him – loved going to Kioloa and spending hours on the beach. He was my first baby and a special one at that – he knew if you cried and were upset and would come to comfot you. We used to say he was a human in a furry body he was that sympathetic and intuitive. Until recently he followed me around the house, from room to room – even the toilet. When his legs were strong he came up on our bed for cuddles every night and morning. It will be sad not watching out for him at night and listening to his heavy breathing. It’s strange only making dinner for Belle. I’m not sure if she’ll notice he’s gone as she’s very much a loner – especially now that Sam wasn’t up to playing with her any longer. Sad though I am, I’m glad he’s not in pain – it was such a peaceful way to die. Just listening as his breathing slowed and stopped and his eyes closed as we patted him. I will miss him so much but am so glad to have had him in my life for over 14 years. We were lucky to have him so long – especially with his tumor which was diagnosed 3.5 years ago, and the temporary paralysis he suffered from 18 months ago.
Bye Sam, there will never be another dog like you.