A quick update

I’m in the middle of making dinner (zucchini and corn fritters
(zucchini from our garden) and veg bake) but I’m well overdue to write
in my blog so thought I’d send a QUICK update. Let’s see the last week
is the maddest of the year. On Friday 1st Dec I had a nice day
scrapbooking with leanne, we had basketball on the Saturday night and
the girls cheerleading rehearsal and presentation on the Sunday
afternoon. They were great and so pleased with their trophy’s. On
Monday 4th we had a full dress rehearsal, Amy had another on Tuesday,
which was also our 14th Wedding Anniversary. The girls stayed overnight
at Mum’s and Kevin had dinner at the Noddle Box (very nice, first time
eating here) andd saw Borat at the movies – pretty funny. The only thing I didn’t like was the “big climax” towards the end. If it really happened (and wasn’t stage) it wasn’t funny at all and would have been absolutely terrifying for the person involved.