A Disturbing Discovery & New family Member

Okay, I was doing the ironing last night and decided to see where all our clothes were made. Can I say China, China, China, oh, one from India, more from China. In the end, out of a large basket of ironing everything was made in China except for the one t-shirt from India and Kevin’s work shirt which was actually made in Australia. My wardrobe revealed a similar pattern. A couple of jackets/wraps made in Australia, everything else China. The girls clothes nearly all come from Pumpkin Patch, K-Mart or Target – nearly all China. Kevin casual clothes – China. Looks like i”m going to have to do some homework on where to buy non-Chinese clothes. Now if the clothes were made by adult Chinese working in good conditions, with decent pay I would have no problem buying them. But when we know the reality is more likely child sweat shop I can longer plead ignorance and in good conscious buy these clothes. If I can’t find non Chinese made the other option is buying second hand or pre-loved (which sounds so much better) – something I have NEVER done before – or learn to sew (which I had planned for next year anyway).
In other news, last Thursday after Amy’s School Musical (in which she did great up on stage) Kay and Mason came over for a swim. After we went to looks at the chicken and Kay spotted a baby budgie surround by the chickens. We managed to catch it and Kay has given it a clean bill of health. Christy kept calling it a fudgie instead of budgie and we thought that made a cute name. Later that day I bought him a cage and accerssoried and he seems to be settling in well.