Christmas 2006

Well, Christmas 2006 has come and gone. We had a busy, but fun lead up to the big day. Amy finished school a bit early on Thursday 21st when she came home sick. For the next 3 days she felt sick on and off and had a couple bouts of vomitting. Thankfully she was better by Christmas Eve night – so she only just made it. On the 23rd we had Granny and Poppa over for lunch since we wouldn’t see them Christmas Day – we just had takeaway fish (for the non-veggies) and chips – nice and easy. I also made salad and fruit salad- with ingredients from our garden and some organic produce. Was a nice few hours. Then we had our first street party in the evening. It had been raining on and off all day and we ended up under someones back verandah. Was a nice time but I had to leave early with Amy since she felt sick again and Kevin didn’t make it as he was still at work.
Christmas Eve saw me finishing our holiday baking (will not let that happen next year), making dessert for the night – Biscotten Torte (an old fav) and a choc cake, and setting up the tables for the night and for Christmas Day. Was busy but Mum and Dad helped out and by the time our friends arrived at 3pm I could sit and relax. We had our usual Dominos Pizza for dinner. The kids, Rodney and Kev made it for a swim and spa. We exchanged presents and everyone seemed to have a nice time. I can’t imagine Christmas Eve having our friends over.
I was awake about 4.30am on Christmas Day. I heard Amy awake about 5am and put herCD player on to listen to her stories – what a great kid. I went downstairs shortly after and she came downstairs about 6am. We looked at the presents but she didn’t want to open any until Christy woke up.