2007 – Renovate your life

Well, I’m slowly recoveing from Christmas – unfortunately I’ve been unwell with a VERY sore throat, achy body and unsettled tummy. This is meant it’s been hard to get the house back to normal. Lucky for me Mum and Dad came over today and helped me restore order. Now as I look around the house it feels like home again. The girls have been pretty unhelpful and it’s taken plenty of raised voices and threats to get them tidying. I just want them to learn if they tidy as they go it doesn’t become a big job and it makes ME happy, which will in turn make THEM happy as I’ll have more time for FUN.
As the year comes to a close I’ve been considering my goals/aims for 2007. In reading today I came across the saying “renovate your life” – I love it and that’s going to be my motto for 2007. With CHristy starting school I am going to make 2007 MY YEAR. I’m still working on my goals but here’s what I’ve got so far. Many goals overlap or aid one another.

– Maintain new household routine
– Reduce processed/packaged foods/meals
– Menu plan properly and buy ONLY what is needed
– Minimise disposable products – napkins, plates, towels, containers
– Make from scratch where possiible
– Buy organic produce where possible

– Read up more on budgeting/finance
– Reularly review budget
– Put $50 a week into long-term savings
– Start paying extra off mortgage in June

– Write in blog regularly
– Learn to download photos and update my website myself
– Work on novel for 2 hrs Mon – Thurs
– Limit e-mail/internet