Another week is over

Well, we’ve just finished week 4 at school – pretty scary if you ask me. It’s only 8 weeks till overseas trip and I know it will come around so fast. I still need to book our pre-cruise accomodation and our 2 nights in San Diego. I think we can make our lunch/dinner reservations for Disneyland in about 2 weeks so I will need to get a move along with our daily plans. I cannot believe how little free time I seem to have this year. I was hoping for a quieter week ahead but it’s Amy’s 8th birthday next Sunday so I will need to be getting organised for that. She’s having a craft party and the girls will be making a mini-accordian album (which I will preassemble) and a decorated monogram letter. Should be fun. Amy is very excited.

Dinner plans went much better this week and I actually made ALL the planned dinners. The girls have gone to Nanny’s for dinner tonight (they do most Fridays) so Kev and I are having take-away Indian. I was going to made a salad to have with some organic sourdough bread Kevin was given but he doesn’t feel like a salad. Not sure how the bread will be with the Indian but we’ll give it a go.