Only one more week to go

Until we head off on our trip. I put our itinerary together today – Kevin wanted it to leave at work so he can be contacted if necessary.

Took the girls for a haircut yesterday and then to South Beach. They had a great time and I sat and relaxed. It was sooo nice watching the ocean and the girls playing. Afterward we drove up the hill to the ice cream truck and enjoyed a choc soft serve cone. Today I went to the doctors to get my foot injection – for my heel spur – then did the groceries. Later the girls and I rode over the park and they played while I read. I also took Rosie for her run, scrapbooked a few pages (haven’t done any since the weekend away), then gave Mum a pedicure and sat and chatted for a while. Guess, I’d better go make dinner now. The girls are at Nan’s so Kevin and I are having Mushroom Quesidilas and probably watching more Charmed – we’re up to season 4 now.