Day 3-4

Monday 23rd May

I was awake about 6.30am. Got up, had a shower and went for a walk to check out the fitness center. I got a cup of tea and came back to the room. Everyone was just waking up. Got everyone dressed and head to breakfast at Windjammers, then take the girls to kids club. We have a wander around the ship, the Kevin goes to the room for a sleep and I go to the gym, then have a swim & spa. at 12pm we pick up the girls and have lunch at Windjammers. We then take the girls to have a swim. It had started off very cold and wet but now the sun is shining and it’s much warmer.

At 2pm the girls go back to kids club and Kevin & I have a swim, then a spa. Back att he room we rest and get ready for Formal Night. Kev picks up the girls, we get them ready and go take some photos before dinner. Tongiht I have cold pear soup (which is suprisingly yummy), cesear salad, linguine in Marinara Sauce and Grand Marnier Souffle (YUM). Head back to hte room and to bed. We allow Amy to go to a night session fo kids club and sign herself out.


Tuesday 24th May

Up early again (or so I thought – we forgot to turn the clock forward one hour). Amy and I went up to Windjammer and got a bagel/tea and donuts (they have the best donuts). I read a mag and Amy writes in her journal. We went back to the room around 7.30am (really 8.30am) and Kev & Christy are awake. We all showered, dressed and went to breakfast (yes, at Windjammers). We watched as we pulled into Cabo San Lucus – very pretty, stunning rock formations. We dropped the kids at kids club then waited for our tender number to be called. About 11am we caught the tender to the dock. We walked around town a bit. Kevin left his cash on board so we tired to money out of an ATM, but we didn’t know what a peso was worth. Turns out we got 100 peso which was worth about $10 (we thought it would be $20 or $50). ANd we got chargetd $7 for the transaction!!!! We bought a sarong for Amy and some colour change nail polish for the girls and I to share. Walked past all the Mexican halkers AGAIN and caught the tender back to the boat. Had lunch at the Solarium – burgers and chips. Saw the girls have lunch with kids club. We then caught the tender back to the dock for our Power Snorkel tour. This is a good trip. We boarded a little zodiac for a bumpy ride up the coast. On the way we managed to see a mum and baby humpback whale which was pretty exciting. We continue on a lovely bay where we did our power snorkel with the dpvs (diver propolsion vehicles). This was lots of fun and we saw lots and lots of fish – including a pipe fish and a puffer fish – which our guide picked up (it was really relaxed and didn’t even try to get away). On the way back we stopped to see the local sea lion colony – very cute but VERY smelly, the natural arch, the rock window where you can see the Pacific Ocean from the Sea of Cortez, and Lovers Beach. Then it was back to the dock and the tender back to Vision. Kevin picked up the girls whill I showered. We hung out in the room for a bit. I painted the girls nails with the new polish and we headed to dinner – Italian Night. I had Minestone Sup, Vegetarian Chili and Tiramisu. All delicious. Dropped the girls at the kids club for Pirate Night and went and had a spa, then a mocktail in the Centrum while we waited to see the pirates. We then head back to the room and off to bed. Amy signed Christy our of the kids club. So nice not having to go and pick them up.