A series of misunfortunate events

Well, continuing on from Amy’s appendix, she has been unwell (and off school) since last Thursday. Then on Saturday my grandfather was rushed (well, Granny and I beat the ambulance) to hospital. He is in a serious condition – his kidney’s have stopped working and he’s not really expected to last much longer than a few weeks. It really will be for the best when he’s out of his suffering (he also sufferes althimers). Anyway, Mum and Dad chose to return home rather than continue on to Alice Springs. So things are pretty up in the air right now.

I’m still not back into routine after our holiday and being unwell last week. Spent nearly 4 at the doctors with Amy this morning and got NOTHING achieved today (I had planned to clean the house). My heel spur is really bad again and I have a blister/cut on the other foot (arghhh). I did get some new crocs ordered today (my current pair have nearly worn through on the sole) and made a specialist apt for my heel spur and other one for my hands and feet (long, ongoing problem – could to carpel tunnel, arthritis and diabeties…..or something else altogether). I’m supposed to go the P&C Meeting tonight but I’m already in my PJs (it’s 6pm) so I think I’d better skip it :-).