An unusual (and sad) week

Well, you can probably guess from the sad title that my grandfather passed away on Thursday night. Though we are sad it was really a blessing. Granny and Mum have both coped way better than I expected but like me we all know its for the best. He was 86 and had alzheimers which was quickly progressing. He certainly wasn’t the Poppa I knew and loved all my life in the last couple of years. It was lucky I took the girls in to see on Thurs afternoon and we got to say our goodbye.

So with this happening and Amy still not being well and off school much of last week it’s been a most unusual week. I can’t wait to one day getting back into my normal routine. Most shocking I just realized I have only been the gym once in the last 3 1/2 weeks!!!! This coming week my goal is to go 6 dyas – or least exercise at home if I can’t make it the gym. I’ve been suffering from a VERY sore back at night and I’m pretty sure it’s related to no exercise – that I need to get a new mattress for our bed – will be cheaper if it’s lack of exercise.

Had my book group yesterday and as always it was lovely to catch up with all the girls. Today we’re off to a slow start with both Kevin and I having a bad nights sleep. I think he needs to go into work for a while and we’re also planning to see Pirates of the Carribbean while Mum & Dad are around to babysit (I think the’re planning to head back out on Tues after the funeral on Monday afternoon).

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  1. I am sorry about your grandfather. It is always so hard to say good bye. I hope you have a nice date with Kevin….it sounds like you need it.

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