Need a new strategy

Well,it’s quite obvious I need a new strategy for updating my blog so I’m going to try and do it (if needed) before checking my e-mail. I mean I’ve only done 3 days of our holiday so if I’ve got nothing to say on the blog I can do that instead.

It’s been another crazy week. Sunday we got to see Pirates of the Carribean III – it was fantastic. I sat there with a big smile on my face for much of the movie. I going to watch I and II on DVD, then go see III again. The first would still be my favourite (or the Pirates movies and of all time)- more romantic but II and III are great continuations. I loved how there were more ride referrences in III (probably helped having it very fresh in my mind after doing the ride about 6 times while we were at Disneyland).

Monday was Poppa’s funeral. Firstly the girls behavied great – I knew Amy wouldn’t be a problem but I wasn’t sure about Christy – she did get her arm caught in the chair and cried out but other than that she was perfectly behavied. Amy got up and sang “We are Australian” at the request of Granny. She did great and everyone thought it was so nice. The service was very nice – not overly religious – and Kevin had a made a photo tribute of his life. Make you appreciate that until later years he did indeed have a very rich, full life. At the reception afterwards it was nice getting to catch up with relatives I hadn’t seen for a couple of years.

Tuesday went to the gym (as part of my renewed commitment), then to weight watchers, groceries, then home for a bit.

Wednesday I was on Canteen – in my lunch break I went to the gym and took Rosie for her run (she had to spend most of the day outside). After school the girls had tumbling.

Then yesterday I had an appointment with a specialist about my heel spur. He said there is nothing he can do and the only new suggestion he had was to use a foot massager. He also said most spurs hurt for about 2 years, but can do for as long as 5yrs. Not very pleasant news. I think it’s harder now after having had normal feet for our holiday. After the doctors I did a bit of shopping in town (got a nice blanket to lie on the bottom of our bed, a new egg cooker and nice vest to wear), then had lunch at Sam’s new place. She got herself a nice little set up and seems pretty happy. She made a delicious lentil shepherds pie and we sat and chatted. So nice to catch up with her again. After that I had to pick up a parcel from the post office, get the kids and go visit Granny. By the time we got home my feet were killing me so dinner was just pulled out of the freezer. I’ve really got to work on dinner being made/organised earilier in the day before my heel gets too sore.

Well, I think that’s it for now. Time to go empty the dishwasher and get breakfast underway.