Happy Birthday to Me – NOT!!!

I’m beginning to think it’s a conspiracy. Firstly on Mothers Day I had to deal with Christy’s MAJOR tantrum/screaming fit in Sydeny Airport Customs areas, now today on my 36th Birthday Christy has awoken with a temperture and vomitting. We had planned to go to Berry Fair to shop and have lunch with our friends Kay and Sean but I’ve just had to cancel that. Not sure what I’ll do now. There’s plenty of jobs to do around the house but I don’t really want to spend my birthday doing that. Might do some scrapbooking and get Kevin to get Vietnamese or Thai for lunch. It certainly doesn’t seem like much of a birthday – no presents either!!! I did get some money from my Granny, a vochure from my Aunt & Uncle and a years membership to the gym from Mum & Dad but nothing to unwrap :-(. Might have to buy myself a box of chocolates and get online and buy some scrapbooking things.