Failure to commit

I have a failure to commit. Here are things I have not stuck with over the past number of years.

* Travel course (paid $500 and did not complete one assignment)

* Breastfeeding counsellor (get up to the very LAST assigment)

* Numerous weight loss attempts

* Cross stitch (nearly completed one and gave away

* Writing (did complete one novel before kids, started another two)

* Creative Memories Consultant (loved this but gave up due to family time limits)

* A $300 fitness program (lastest one week)

* 12 week Body For LIfe Challenge (lasted three weeks)

* Buying organic foods (on and off with this depending on finances)

* Vegetable garden (want to but have lacked time/motivation)

Okay, now the things I have managed to commit too. Some of these are MAJOR things and proves I can actually COMMIT if the desire is strong enough.

* Becoming a lacto-ovo vegetarian (nearly 3 years now and going stong)

* Scrapbooking ( 8 years – when I first started Kevin said it would never last)

* Gym membership (though I’ve been a little unmotivated as of late, I still LOVE working out with weights)

I’m thinking part of my problem lies in PERFECTIONISM. You might remember some of goals for theĀ  year – it was way too much to try and do all at once. I’m starting, at age 36, to realize I’m better to concentrate on one or two things at a time. At the moment it’s getting the home under control and menu planning. Next will be getting back to buying more organic food (I was quite horrified to read yesterday that some of our fruit and veg can be store for up to a year before we buy it – WHAT THE?) and eating whole, clean foods most of the time.