Finally after years of Amy wanting to drama and singing classes I finally made some phone calls. I had put it off thinking I would have to go into Wollongong and it was all just too hard. So I ring up and guess what? There are classes at the girls school on a Sat morning. They went yesterday for the first time and loved it – esp. Amy.

Afterwards they had cheerleading. Amy started off well and half way through the class her mood changed and she looked miserable. As we left she announced she didn’t want to do cheerleading anymore. WHAT???? It’s her decision I guess but I’m really disspointed. Of course, CHristy doesn’t want to do it either (not really a problem since she mucks around anyway). But I was really suprised at Amy. She’s been doing it for 2 years now. She says she doesn’t like doing it the same thing over and over and last year (different teacher) it was better. The only thing I can see different to last year is that the teachers don’t let them muck around as much. I’m still shocked and sad. I was really looking forward to watching them perform at State in August. I’m hoping she’ll change her mind but I know it’s just I would have loved to do something like this when I was young. Not sure whether to make her attend class till the end of term (only 2 more weeks) or just admit defeat.